Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ban all charters. Now. | Bob Braun's Ledger

Ban all charters. Now. | Bob Braun's Ledger:

Ban all charters. Now.

MARCH27It’s time to change the narrative. Let’s begin tomorrow at noon in Trenton. Let’s begin telling the truth about charter schools.
Those who would exploit public education both to reap profits from its annual revenues of more than $500 billion annually and to advance  a low-tax agenda for the wealthy have already seized much of the high ground.  They are telling the story. Invoking the failure of urban education, they call for reform that promises to improve schooling by sweeping away outdated work rules, countering the alleged selfishness of union-represented teachers, and creating new sorts of schools freed of decades of bureaucratic controls. It is an alluring story that allows Trojan horse Democrats like Cory Booker to speak of how school choice is the “civil rights issue of our time.” But it is a false story and it must be countered at every possible opportunity—and, tomorrow in Trenton, is an important opportunity.
An opportunity to demand an end to charter schools.
Those who pay the least bit of attention to the link between poverty and educational achievement know the causes of school failure, yet even here the enemies of traditional public education—like Gov. Chris Christie and state-appointed Ban all charters. Now. | Bob Braun's Ledger: