Wednesday, May 29, 2013

UPDATE: Washington State Charter Schools - the Beat Goes On Seattle Schools Community Forum: Math Curriculum Update

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Math Curriculum Update:

Seattle Schools' Professional Development Study

Our friends over at the "Our" Schools Coalition commissioned a study from on professional development in Seattle Schools. 

This study is preliminary work to what appears to be an on-going interest from the OSC.  They've chosen to start at the top with Central SPS staff.  (Only SEA and Central staff were interviewed, not teachers.)

I found some of the statements in the study to be:
  • amazing (the district spends $44M on PD - who would have guessed it?), 
  • depressing (Central Office staff appear to lack a clear and shared vision of what PD should be 

Washington State Charter Schools - the Beat Goes On

I do plan on doing a thread on the latest Charter Commission meeting but there is some other charter news.

From the Everett Herald, there's a story about Jim Spady and his efforts, over the last 20 years, to bring charters to Washington State.  As an activist, I can only admire their drive and tenacity (even if I don't really support the outcome).   The article does bring up two issues I had wanted to call out.

One, the lawsuit against 1240 is very much alive, according to Rich Wood of the WEA.  According to the article, it's "in the works" but the WEA is concentrating on McCleary first.  (Good call.)

Two, Mr. Spady is to be part of the new Washington State Charter School Association.  This association is a line-up of the usual suspects. 

Math Curriculum Update

From the Seattle Math Coalition:

FYI,  the district has changed their math adoption plan based on budget concerns.  The proposed K-8 adoption which was supposed to be in classrooms in Fall of 2014 is now only a K-5 adoption, with 6-8 to be delayed for another year!
This files in the face of common sense:
1)  CMP2 is a train wreck for families without stellar teachers or family/tutor support
2)  Despite a goal of a 7-year adoption cycle, the CMP2 materials are already at year 7.  They are a year older