Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UPDATE: The Power of Play | Parents Across America

The Power of Play | Parents Across America:

Weekly Leg Fax for 4-17-13: Failure of market-based reform

Parent Voices Weekly Education Fax April 17, 2013  Fix our schools, don’t privatize them  This week’s update:Market-driven school reforms, mayoral control causing more harm than good A new study, “Market-oriented education reforms’ rhetoric trumps reality,” on the effects of market-driven reform in Washington, D.C., New York City and Chicago concludes that little has been accomplished and some harm has been done to students, especially the underprivileged…. Market-oriented education reform refers to a series of initiatives that include educator evaluations based … 

Letter to N.C. Representatives on High-Stakes Testing

Here’s the letter MecklenburgACTS co-chair Pamela Grundy sent to the members of the N.C. House Education Committee, requesting that they support a moratorium on high-stakes testing. Find more on the North Carolina campaign at MecklenburgACTS also published a piece on tests and zombies in the Raleigh News and Observer this past Sunday. Dear Representative, On behalf of many, many North Carolina parents, I write to ask you to support HB 775, which would impose a one-year moratorium on state-mandated …

The Power of Play