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Informative CCSS Conference Call Scheduled in Wisconsin

Daniel Webster once said: “If truth be not diffused, error will be.”
Common Core State Standards in education have garnered a growing degree of attention from all sides of the educational policy field in the last several months. Wisconsin was one of the first states to adopt this new set of academic standards and is right at the center of this lively debate.
Common Core’s advocates say it raises the educational bar in Wisconsin.
Yet, detractors have indicated that Common Core comes with a number of detrimental trade-offs.
The minds and futures of Wisconsin’s children merit the careful consideration of all angles and facts to determine the truth and the best course of action.
Interested Wisconsinites are invited to join an exclusive 90-minute discussion call that will address Common Core State Standards. Respected educational policy experts from several well-known organizations will be on the phone to present valuable information and respond to your questions.
To facilitate busy schedules, the discussion calls will be held on the following days and times:
  • Tuesday,  April 23, 8p CST
  • Thursday, April 25, Noon CST
Experts on the call will include:
  • Karen Schroeder: CEO, Advocates for Academic Freedom; board member, Gov. Walker’s Education Communication Board
  • Joy Pullman: education research fellow, The Heartland Institute
  • Neal McCluskey: associate director, Center for Academic Freedom, The Cato Institute
Call in Number: 805-399-1000
Code: 662912
We look forward to having you on one or more of the calls!
Hosted by the Coalition of Leaders for Ensuring Veracity in Educational Reform
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Nick Ut, Associated Press

Californians say schools need more money

Californians overwhelmingly believe their public schools need more money and then extra money if they teach low-income students and...

Teachers demonstrate today at five corners

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Just when you thought AIMS and Tony Smith were the stories in town, OUSD educators will rally at five street corners in Oakland at 4 p.m. to drum up support for their demand of a 3.5 percent pay raise.
- 35th and MacArthur
- Grand Lake Splashpad Park  (where the Saturday farmers market is held)
- 51st and Broadway
- 98th and International
- Seventh and Market streets
Here is their explanation:
Escalating their fight for a fair contract, Oakland Unified educators will take to the streets at 4 p.m. this afternoon (Wednesday, April 17) on five street corners for their “Hour of Power” event to mobilize the community about their struggle. Oakland teachers are leaving the district due to low pay. The district, despite its $25 million in excess reserve funds, is refusing the Oakland Education Association’s proposal of a 3.5 percent raise for this school year. The protests are to educate the public about the district’s lack of priorities: For this school year, the district budgeted for 234 fewer certificated employees (teachers, counselors, etc.) and 36 fewer classified employees, but 37 more administrators.

Plans swap and cut money already budgeted in schools

Gov. Jay Inslee and state lawmakers say they plan to put a billion or more in new money into public schools. But some would do it in part by cutting programs and shifting money from other parts of the education budget.

UAS Students rally against Brown's plan

Students want to keep Adult Education accessible and affordable to all.

The Cato Institute: Policies for Sale

Recently I have had a mystery commenter leaving his (I have reason to believe this is a man) strong yet anonymous opinions on a couple of my blog entries. When confronted about his mask, this person insists that his identity does not matter; all that matters is the “truth” of what he writes.
I disagree. I believe that my readers should know exactly who I am; they should know my credentials and my associations in order to more competently judge my position on educational issues. My readers should especially know whether I am being financially compensated by individuals or groups that endorse a particular position, for such financial compensation could certainly bias my perspective.
My perspective has not been purchased. I am truly an independent.
I have some fellow bloggers who choose to write anonymously; however, they do so at risk because they are on 

New York ELA day 2 disaster #FAIL #Pearson #NYSED

As I hear from educators at my school, baseball practice tonight, and via social media, today’s Day 2 of the New York State ELA Assessment was an unmitigated disaster.
From reports far and wide around the state I have cobbled together a list of issues reported to me or from various facebook groups:
  • Very long instructions, ranging from 20-25 minutes.  The instructions were over three pages long and teachers are required to read word for word. Heard from educators that students were burned out before 

Just Updated “The Best Of The Hashtag #SaidNoEducationVendorEver”

Last night, Dan Willingham started a great twitter hashtag called #SaidNoEducationVendorEver, and I postedThe Best Of The Hashtag #SaidNoEducationVendorEver.
Since that post, several more good tweets have been sent out, and I’ve added them to that list….

Quote Of The Day: “How Do You Evaluate Teachers Who Change Lives?”

How Do You Evaluate Teachers Who Change Lives? is a great Education Week commentary from a New Jersey school district Superintendent.
Here’s an excerpt:

Are School Field Trips Becoming Obsolete?

The 5th grade went to the Blue Rocks baseball game today and we had a blast! I loved interacting with my students outside of the classroom. It's rare that we get the chance to do that anymore. We sat in the stadium, talking, laughing, and cheering. It was as far from standardized testing as you can get!:) What happened to field trips? How can anyone think three to four  field trips a year are

United Adult Students (UAS) to rally against Governor Brown's plan

United Adult Students (UAS) to rally against Governor Brown's plan
United Adult Students (UAS) to rally against Governor Brown's planLos Angeles, California - April 16, 2013 - United Adult Students (UAS) have announced that they will hold a student rally and present petitions containing thousands of signatures opposed to Governor Brown's plan to move adult education to the Community College system.
The details for the event are as follows:
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Evans Community Adult School
717 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

UAS released the following statement.
"We are against Governor Brown’s plan to transfer the Adult Education program of LAUSD to the Community College system. We want our Adult Schools to remain open and accessible in our communities, and with dedicated funding streams.
Estamos en contra del plan del Gobernador Brown de trasladar la Educación de Adultos del Distrito Escolar (LAUSD) a los Colegios Comunitarios. Queremos que nuestras Escuelas para Adultos se mantegan abiertas y acesibles en nuestras comunidades, y con fondos dedicados."
The petitions and ten reasons provided by UAS for signing it can be found on their website at
Founded by students in response to Mónica García and John Deasy's threatened elimination of LAUSD Adult Education in 2012, United Adult Students (UAS) successfully defended much of the program. Through organizing, activism, and lobbying, UAS has proven the collective power of adult students. UAS is the voice of adult education.
United Adult Students (UAS)
(213) 986-2492