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Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all:

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Governor Malloy of Connecticut Opposes School Funding Lawsuit

This is a sad reversal for Connecticut’s poorest children.
As a candidate for governor, Dannell Malloy supported a lawsuit that would guarantee that the children of the state have a constitutional right to a quality education.
Now that he is governor, he is trying to quash the lawsuit he once supported.
Go figure.

Burris to Parents: The Common Core Assessments Are “Bunk”

Carol Burris, principal of South Side High School in Rockville Center, New York, explains here why parents should take the results of the new Common Core assessments with more than a grain of salt.
They will be used in New York to determine whether students ages 8-14 are “college-ready.” Can you imagine that? A test taken by a child of 8 will tell you whether he or she is college ready!

Illinois House Blocks Online Charters

The Illinois House moved to set a three-year moratorium on virtual charter schools after some suburban districts rejected them.
I wonder if the representatives understand that the quality of cyber charters is low, test scores are low, graduation rates are low. And the quality of education is poor.
But the companies make big profits.

EduShyster Skewers Mark Zuckerberg

Really, EduShyster has done it again.
The rich, powerful, and famous end up as toast when skewered by her sharp satirical lance.
In this post, she has Wonder Boy Mark Zuckerberg solving the problem of the “skillz gap” by hiring a rightwing operative to run a national campaign. This campaign will use our public schools as the enemy, the schools that fail to provide the entry-level workers (willing to work for less), thus making it necessary for him to import foreign talent (willing to work for less).
What will those hapless billionaires think of next?

The Big Money Behind Parent Revolution

You have no doubt heard the story of Parent Revolution. That is the group that wants to “empower” parents to seize control of their schools so they can turn it overto a charter operator.
The founder of Parent Revolution previously worked for Green Dot charters. Then he got funded by Walton, Gates, and Broad to start Parent Revolution.
A typical corporate reform sham since there are no parents involved, unless you count Ben Austin, the executive 

Chicago: CPS Underestimates Harm to Children

A new report from CReATE, an organization of education researchers in Chicago, says that the Chicago Public Schools dramatically underestimated the number of children who will be affected by the mass elimination of public schools in that city.
No one will ever accuse CPS of undue compassion, concern, or attention to the city’s neediest children. As their legacy, they will be remembered for their cold and ruthless indifference to the children who are most at risk.
Please read the CReATE report:
“CReATE Researchers on Impact of Proposed School Closing”
CReATE researchers Josh Radinsky and Federico Waitoller (University of Illinois-Chicago) have prepared a report 

Gary Rubinstein Visits a KIPP High School and Finds…..

By now, we have all read the encomia heaped on KIPP, and we know that KIPP presumably has what Mayor Rahm Emanuel once referred to as the “secret sauce.” That is the extra ingredient that
magically turns ordinary kids into scholars bound for Harvard.
Gary Rubinstein, ex-TFA, went to visit a KIPP school. He didn’t see the magic. He saw young teachers struggling to control their classes.
Read it to see what goes on, and be sure to read the comments

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