Thursday, April 11, 2013

On preserving the sanctity of teacher labor – @ the chalk face

On preserving the sanctity of teacher labor – @ the chalk face:

On preserving the sanctity of teacher labor

Outcomes based eduction, or shall I say outcomes obsessed, is an attempt to subvert teaching to something completely measurable and quantifiable. This renders the teacher incapable of preserving a professional culture. Outcomes based education formulates the discipline into something easily achievable and recognizable. It brings

Education activists take note

I’m typing on the road in New Hampshire. Heard this on NHPR’s Word of Mouth. Guess the show worked.
It’s a Wikipedia type, open access resource on activism, started by an NYU prof and one of the Yes Men. Check them out. But I’m thinking of contributing an entry for our occupy event. And I think everyone else should consider adding their actions and tag them education.

If Any Doubt…Common CORPORATE State Standards

Wonder who will benefit from adopting, implementing, and testing the Common Core?
Look no further than the COVER of Education Week:

Why Are Kiwis Taking To The Streets?

 by Dianne Khan

Reposted from SaveOurSchoolsNZ

They are mighty pigged off, that’s why.
This Saturday, 13th April, thousands of teachers, parents, students and other supporters up and down New Zealand will march to protest some very disconcerting things that are afoot.
What are we protesting?  Well I’m glad you asked.
Charter schools:  The government is hell bent on bringing in charter schools despite massive resistance and rafts of evidence that they just do not improve achievement, least of all for minority groups.  They are pushing an ideology that will privatise public schools.  No amount of questioning elicits from the government or Catherine