Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seattle Schools Community Forum: 1240 - It Battles On

Seattle Schools Community Forum: 1240 - It Battles On:

1240 - It Battles On

Over at the No On 1240 Facebook page, I had unofficially said I thought this was done.

To understand, nearly all the counties were trending the same as they had since Tuesday night and it did not seem possible to overtake that slight Yes lead.

Today, I realized that the Yes on R74  campaign  had crunched the numbers (even as their lead had been as slim as the Yes on 1240 lead Tuesday night) and said they won.

So, I thought, if Yes on 1240 has all this money, why haven't they crunched the numbers and announced THEIR


Wednesday Open Thread

Gee, Tuesday got away from me.  I wonder why.

Hoping to parse through the BEX IV vote and ask you to consider what happens now.  There is a lot of vagueness in this BEX so it's hard to gauge what will be done and when.  Also, probably a year back now, Director Carr said at a Work Session that there would have to be a heck of a good narrative to sell this to voters.

Okay, I'll ask you - what is the narrative that will sell this to Seattle voters?  Keep in mind, you are selling over $1B of levies.

On another subject, Superintendent Banda.  I am still feeling good about him.   I find him quietly assured (but not in an Olchefske-type way).  But, what would make you feel assured?  What one thing, that's within the realm of possibility, could he do to make you feel like he's on the right track?  Or is there a signal you would look for that would make you believe he can't/won't be co-opted by the powers that be?

What's on your mind?