Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday coffee. « Fred Klonsky's blog

Saturday coffee. « Fred Klonsky's blog

Saturday coffee.

We had an abridged Saturday version of running errands. We simply went over to Peets for coffee, bagels and the NY Times. There’s no need to shop for the week since I’m off and I can take care of all that stuff later.

The last few days the kids have been crazy excited. Y’know, loud, but in a good mood. Parents filled the hallways on their way to the holiday sing. Some dropped by the Art room to say, “Hi,” and drop off some cookies or a gift card to Target or Starbucks.

The staff did a little Secret Santa. Mrs. D, who is a huge follower of the comings and goings of the Royal Family, got lots of wedding related stuff from her Secret Santa: maps of London, a framed portrait of the Queen Mum and

Old school.

The Rolling Stones.