Saturday, December 18, 2010

Queens Teacher: Just sayin'

Queens Teacher: Just sayin'

Just sayin'

I wonder when people are going to get it...

It's not about "bad" teachers. It's about doing away with unions, job protections, and providing cheapest labor possible. That's the business world. Work people to death for a few years and make them miserable so they quit. No pensions to pay. No high salaries. Win-win situation for employers. In the business world, many people don't stay at a job more than five to ten years. There's a high turnover for most employees.

Deformers have no regard for public education because their kids go to elite private schools. They couldn't care less about the quality of education at our public schools. Since they are rich and brilliant, regular folks don't count. Therefore, they need to be in charge so they can privatize our schools. Remember, their kids are unaffected by any deform policies. Just look at how expensive private schools and charters are run. NOT at all the way they propose public schools should be run. Books and movies will be made on this educational deform.

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