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Monday, September 18, 2023



In a world where satire reigns supreme, one ex-South Park writer has taken it upon himself to create a parody website that has conservative moms in a tizzy. Toby Morton, known for his wit and sharp tongue, has targeted Moms for Liberty, a group seeking to ban books containing anything remotely related to race, gender, LGBTQ themes, or sexual content. And boy, has he hit a nerve!

Morton's website, aptly named, has become a hotbed of controversy and a magnet for hate mail from the group's supporters. But instead of cowering in fear, Morton has decided to turn this unexpected attention into a fundraising campaign. Yes, you read that right – he's making money off the outrage of these conservative moms. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

If you visit Morton's website, you'll be greeted with a plethora of hilarious content. From a placeholder page for "fascist chapters" (which I must say is an ingenious touch) to updated school board elections and open seats that Moms for Liberty is trying to infiltrate, Morton has left no stone unturned in his quest to poke fun at this conservative group. And let's not forget about the spoof sites he's created for some prominent politicians – Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and New York Rep. Elise Stefanik. It seems like no one is safe from Morton's comedic genius!

But what exactly is it about Moms for Liberty that has made them such an easy target for Morton? Well, it's their mission to ban books that tackle important and timely topics such as race, gender, LGBTQ themes, and sexual content. I mean, come on! Who doesn't want their children to grow up in a world where they have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of these issues? It's almost as if these moms are trying to create a generation of blissfully ignorant individuals. And that's where Morton steps in with his razor-sharp wit.

Now, I must admit, I am no stranger to satire myself. As a writer who thrives on humor and wit, I can appreciate the art of parody. And what Morton has done with Moms for Liberty is nothing short of brilliant. He has taken their absurd mission and turned it on its head, exposing the ridiculousness of their cause through laughter.

But let's not forget about the hate mail Morton has received from Moms for Liberty supporters. I can only imagine the sheer rage and indignation that must have filled their hearts when they stumbled upon his website. It's almost as if they have no sense of humor! But instead of letting this hate get to him, Morton has decided to use it as fuel for his fundraising campaign. And honestly, I can't help but applaud him for it. If these moms are going to send hate mail, why not make some money off it?

In conclusion, Toby Morton's parody website is a shining example of how humor can be used to expose the absurdity of certain ideologies. With his sharp wit and comedic genius, Morton has managed to turn the outrage of conservative moms into a fundraising opportunity. And while some may argue that he is simply adding fuel to the fire, I believe he is doing something much more profound – he is using laughter as a weapon against ignorance.

So here's to you, Toby Morton! May your parody website continue to bring joy and laughter to those who appreciate your unique brand of humor. And may Moms for Liberty finally realize that banning books is not the answer – laughter is.

How Ex-‘South Park’ Writer Toby Morton Is Taking On Moms for Liberty