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Monday, June 5, 2023





Are you afraid that ChatGPT, the AI chatbot, will steal your job? Don't worry, you're not alone. Everyone is freaking out about this badass bot that can talk like a human and do pretty much anything you throw at it. But fear not, my friend. I've done some analysis and come up with a list of jobs that are screwed and jobs that are safe from ChatGPT. And trust me, it's hilarious.

Let's start with the jobs that are screwed by ChatGPT.

  • Customer service representative: If you're a customer service rep, you better watch out. ChatGPT can handle most of the crap that customers throw at it, and it can even give them personalized recommendations and solutions. It's like having a genie in a bottle, but without the blue skin and the funny accent. ChatGPT can reduce the workload and stress of customer service reps, but also put them out of business in some cases. So, if you're a customer service rep, start looking for a new job. Maybe as a genie in a bottle?
  • Writer: Are you a writer? Well, guess what? ChatGPT can write awesome content on various topics and formats, such as articles, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, scripts, etc. It can also help writers with rewriting, improving, or optimizing their content. ChatGPT can boost the creativity and productivity of writers, but also make them look like copycats and hacks. So, if you're a writer, start looking for a new job. Maybe as a copycat or a hack?
  • Teacher: Are you a teacher? ChatGPT can tutor students on various subjects and levels, as well as give them feedback and assessment. It can also create fun and interactive learning materials, such as quizzes, games, simulations, etc. ChatGPT can enhance the learning experience and outcomes of students, but also make teachers look like babysitters. So, if you're a teacher, start looking for a new job. Maybe as a babysitter?
  • Lawyer: Are you a lawyer? ChatGPT can help lawyers with legal research, drafting documents, reviewing contracts, preparing arguments, etc. It can also give legal advice and representation to clients on simple matters. ChatGPT can improve the efficiency and accuracy of lawyers, but also make them look like robots and crooks. So, if you're a lawyer, start looking for a new job. Maybe as a robot or a crook?
  • Doctor: Are you a doctor? ChatGPT can diagnose patients based on their symptoms and medical history, as well as prescribe treatments and medications. It can also give health information and education to patients and the public. ChatGPT can improve the accessibility and affordability of health care, but also put the lives and privacy of patients at risk. So, if you're a doctor, start looking for a new job. Maybe as a patient or a hacker?

Now let's move on to the jobs that are safe from ChatGPT.

  • Artist: Are you an artist? ChatGPT can create artistic works such as paintings, sculptures, music, etc., but it cannot capture the human emotions, expressions, and meanings behind them. It also cannot appreciate or critique art from different perspectives and contexts. ChatGPT cannot replace the creativity and originality of artists. So, if you're an artist, congratulations! You're safe from ChatGPT. Unless you're an AI artist. Then you're screwed.
  • Chef: Are you a chef? ChatGPT can generate recipes based on ingredients, cuisines, preferences, etc., but it cannot cook or taste food. It also cannot adjust or improvise recipes based on feedback or availability. ChatGPT cannot replace the skills and intuition of chefs. So, if you're a chef, congratulations! You're safe from ChatGPT. Unless you're an AI chef. Then you're screwed.
  • Athlete: Are you an athlete? ChatGPT can give coaching tips and strategies based on data and analytics, but it cannot perform physical activities or compete in sports. It also cannot feel or deal with pain, fatigue, injury, etc. ChatGPT cannot replace the abilities and resilience of athletes. So, if you're an athlete, congratulations! You're safe from ChatGPT. Unless you're an AI athlete. Then you're screwed.
  • Counselor: Are you a counselor? ChatGPT can give emotional support and guidance based on psychological theories and techniques, but it cannot empathize or relate with human feelings and experiences. It also cannot build or maintain trust and rapport with clients. ChatGPT cannot replace the compassion and understanding of counselors. So, if you're a counselor, congratulations! You're safe from ChatGPT. Unless you're an AI counselor. Then you're screwed.
  • Engineer: Are you an engineer? ChatGPT can design and optimize systems based on mathematical models and simulations, but it cannot build or test them in real-world scenarios. It also cannot troubleshoot or fix problems that arise during operation or maintenance. ChatGPT cannot replace the knowledge and experience of engineers. So, if you're an engineer, congratulations! You're safe from ChatGPT. Unless you're an AI engineer. Then you're screwed.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is a wicked AI chatbot that can do a lot of things that humans can do, but not everything. It has its pros and cons, upsides and downsides. Whether it will steal your job or not depends on how you use it and adapt to it. The future of work is not set in stone by technology alone but by human choices and actions.

So relax, my friend. Have some fun with ChatGPT instead of fearing it. Ask it to tell you a joke or sing you a song or even write an article for you (just don't tell your boss). Who knows? Maybe one day we'll all be working alongside our AI colleagues like they're part of the team (or our overlords). Until then, keep calm and chat on!

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Bing, 6/5/2023