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Saturday, January 22, 2022


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Imagine a Future with No Police
'Vox's Fabiola Cineas talks with author, lawyer, and organizer Derecka Purnell about her recent book Becoming Abolitionists . They discuss Derecka's journey to defending the idea of police abolition, and what that position really entails. They explore questions about the historical and social role of policing in society, how to imagine a future where we radically rethink our system of criminal ju
Roy Wood Jr.: 'Imperfect Messenger'
' Roy Wood Jr. , comedian and correspondent for The Daily Show , speaks with All Of It about his new comedy special, Imperfect Messenger ( Paramount+).'
Kaepernick Publishing to Release ahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s Autobiography: 'In the Blink of an Eye'
NEW YORK, N.Y. – January 18, 2022 –Kaepernick Publishing is proud to announce that it will be publishing NBA legend Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf ’s autobiography on October 18, 2022. Written with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nick Chiles , In the Blink of an Eye: An Autobiography will capture the attention of sports fans and general audiences alike. Marked by staggering vulnerability, Mahmoud Abdul-Rau

JAN 18

Afropop Worldwide | Off the Beaten Track: Burkina Faso, Malawi, and Beyond
'This episode of Afropop Worldwide ventures into corners of Africa we hear from rarely, guided by adventurous field recordists and crate diggers. The Zomba Prison Project is a set of recordings by inmates at a maximum security prison in Malawi, currently the poorest nation on earth. The project’s debut CD was nominated for a Grammy Award. Here, we speak with the producer, Ian Brennan , and hear t
Biography 'Most Dope' Glimpses Into The Inner Life of Mac Miller
'The producer and rapper Mac Miller , born Malcolm McCormick , tragically died on September 7, 2018. Now, the first extensive biography of Mac Miller's life is set to be released. The book is called, MOST DOPE: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller, and it's written by music journalist Paul Cantor , featuring interviews with Miller's closest friends and collaborators. Cantor is with us to discuss
Wylin Wilson on "Womanist Bioethics"
'The Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative (TMC) at Duke Divinity School and the Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine at Duke held a seminar with Wylin Wilson , PhD, MS, MDiv, Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School. She is interviewed by TMC Co-director Warren Kinghorn , MD, ThD.'
'Four Hundred Souls' Compiles Single-volume History of Black Americans
' Here & Now host Tonya Mosley speaks with Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain , editors of the new book Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African-America 1619-2019 , which collects the work of 90 writers — historians, poets, journalists, novelists and activists — to tell the stories of Black Americans, from the arrival of the White Lion, which brought enslaved people to the colonies in 1
The Spirituality of Toni Morrison
' The Takeaway speaks with writer and journalist Nadra Nittle about her book Toni Morrison’s Spiritual Vision , which explores Morrison’s Catholicism and spirituality, and the roles that her faith played in both her work and her life. Nittle is deeply interested in the ways in which Morrison’s faith shaped all of her writing, as well as how understanding this part of her life adds further context
Defining Rural: How One Word's Meaning Determines Eligibility for Crucial Funding
'From government grants to political proposals, there's no shortage of people promising to help rural America . But there are literally dozens of definitions of what rural means. And depending on where a small town falls in the pecking order, it could be ineligible for some crucial funding. Jonathan Ahl of St. Louis Public Radio reports.'

JAN 17

Documentary Covers ACLU's Fight Against Racism
'A new documentary features the work of former ACLU director Jeffery Robinson as he chronicles the history and enduring legacy of racism in America. Filmmakers Emily & Sarah Kunstler , and Jeffery Robinson , attorney and former deputy director of the ALCU, join All Of It to discuss their film, Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America .'
Attorney Laura Coates Has Witnessed the Dissolution of Voting Rights First Hand
'As a Department of Justice attorney charged enforcing voting rights during the Obama administration, Laura Coates says she saw countless ways in which the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was being undermined. "People went to great lengths to try to engage in voter intimidation, whether it meant trying to move polling places to known Klan locations [or] changing or attempting to change the Election Day
Left of Black S12 · E8 | The Legacy of Carter G. Woodson and Black Pedagogy with Jarvis R. Givens
Heralded as the father of Black History Month, Carter G. Woodson also fostered a continuously subversive practice of teaching and networking as a way to build educational capacity for Black students emerging into the era of Jim Crow and the Great Migration. Jarvis R. Givens , Assistant Professor of Education and Faculty Affiliate in the African and African-American Studies at Harvard University s
How Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Balances History and Innovation
' Alvin Ailey, the celebrated modern dance visionary died in 1989. Decades later, his choreography is as vibrant as ever and his company, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater remains as innovative. NewsHour 's Christopher Booker spoke with the company’s artistic director Robert Battle about Ailey’s legacy.'

JAN 16

The Markup: This Private Equity Firm Is Amassing Companies That Collect Data on America’s Children
This Private Equity Firm Is Amassing Companies That Collect Data on America’s Children by Todd Feathers Vista Equity Partners has been buying up software used in schools. Parents want to know what the companies do with kids’ data Over the past six years, a little-known private equity firm, Vista Equity Partners, has built an educational software empire that wields unseen influence over the educat
Ailey Dancers Reflect on Company's Scrappy Beginnings
'In this outtake from Ailey , former Ailey dancers recall how Alvin Ailey worked hard to raise money for the company. There was a "burden that was on him to keep us all working and to make sure that [his] dancers [felt] cared for and loved," recalls Judith Jamison , Ailey dancer (1965-1979) and Artistic Director (1989-2011).'

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