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Thursday, May 20, 2021


 NewBlackMan (in Exile)

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Actor John Boyega On 'Star Wars', 'Small Axe' And Telling 'Stories Of The Untold'
' John Boyega has been outspoken about systemic racism in Hollywood. He has talked about how his character in Star Wars was sidelined, along with the other characters played by actors of color. Boyega won a Golden Globe for his performance in the anthology series Small Axe , as a Black British police officer who joined the force in the 1980s to try to change the system.'
Why Is Everyone Talking About Newsletters?
'In the last ten years, it seems like newsletters have replaced blogs as the platform du jour. And Substack helps writers profit off their own work. But the platform's success isn't without controversy. The main criticism being who they allow on the platform. 1A digs into newsletters and what they mean for our media landscape.'
How the Mainstream Media Abandoned the Working Class
'As the sometimes breathless coverage of the union vote in Bessemer, Alabama showed, labor stories are having a moment — in part due to the work of digital outlets since the Occupy movement, as well as increased attention on essential workers more broadly during the pandemic. But this surge in coverage is happening amid half a century of neglect of the labor beat, according to Christopher R. Mart
Jennifer Redfearn's 'Apart'
'The documentary, Apart , follows three mothers who prepare to return to their families after being incarcerated. Director Jennifer Redfearn joins All Of It to discuss the film.'

How Barbers are Looking out for Their Clients' Mental Health
'Black men are crying out. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for young Black Americans; and our young men are at particular risk. Stigmas, health care access, and social pressures to appear hyper-masculine stop a lot of Black men from getting help. But a grassroots program known as The Confess Project is trying to break this pattern. Trymaine Lee talks to the founder of The Confess Pr
Invisible Blackness – Interview with Roy Choi
' Roy Choi is the son of Korean immigrants and a hip hop aficionado. His culinary food truck empire built a bridge between race and socio economic class by normalizing eating in the streets of LA. In this episode Roy and host Adrian Younge discuss the power of food justice as a path to social equality and the meaningful dance between food and identity.'

 NewBlackMan (in Exile)