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Monday, May 10, 2021

TODAY'S Education Research Report: School reopening alongside high community spread, Exposure to Lead of Some Affects Everyone in the Classroom, The Long-Term Effects of Universal Preschool

Education Research Report
TODAY'S Education Research Report

Exposure to Lead of Some Affects Everyone in the Classroom

Children exposed to pollutants like lead are more disruptive and have lower achievement. However, little is known about whether lead-exposed children affect the long-run outcomes of their peers. 

The Role of Universities in Attracting Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Immigrant founders of venture capital-backed companies have been critical to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This study documents the channels through which immigrant founders find their way to the United States and how those channels have changed over time. Immigrants have been an important source of founders for venture capital-backed startups accounting for roughly 20% of all founders over the past 30 years. 

School reopenings alongside high community spread and at near capacity

 This paper examines the effect of fall 2020 school reopenings in Texas on county-level COVID-19 cases and fatalities. Previous evidence suggests that schools can be reopened safely if community spread is low and public health guidelines are followed. However, in Texas, reopenings often occurred alongside high community spread and at near capacity, making it difficult to meet social distancing recommendations. Using event-study models and hand-collected instruction modality and start dates for all school districts, we find robust

The Long-Term Effects of Universal Preschool

This study uses admissions lotteries to estimate the effects of large-scale public preschool in Boston on college-going, college preparation, standardized test scores, and behavioral outcomes. 

Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2021

Virtual Schools in the U.S. 2021 provides vital scholarly analyses of virtual schools at a time of increased enthusiasm for moving schooling online, nationally and internationally. The report examines the characteristics and performance of full-time, publicly funded K-12 virtual schools. It also reviews the relevant available research related to virtual school practices, provides an overview of recent state legislative efforts to craft virtual school policy, and offers policy recommendations based on the available evidence.