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Saturday, April 17, 2021


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Umi’s Archive: On Power Archives and Our Stories: A Conversation with Curator Su'ad Abdul Khabeer and Artist Leslie Hewitt
Scholar-activist-artist, Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer examines the intersections of official history and the untold stories of Black Americans, especially Black women and Black Muslims through the lens of her mother’s life in her newest project, Umi’s Archive. The project, a six-part online exhibition series, launched with a conversation on “power in archives and our stories” between Dr. Su’ad and not
'Umi’s Archive: One Life, Many Stories' by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer
Umi's Archive , Su’ad Abdul Khabeer Umi’s Archive: One Life, Many Stories by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer | @DrSuad | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile) In October of 2017, high off the success of my very first book, Muslim Cool: race, religion, and hip hop in the United States , I was preparing for my next project that would keep me thinking about Blackness and Black culture, but moving more transnational
IP Tunes: On the Financialization of the Music Economy
"Writer Rich Woodall on the financialization of music catalogues and the future of the music economy - for listeners and artists and profiteers, and his new article Mass Hipgnosis for The Baffler ." -- This is Hell! This is Hell! · IP Tunes: On the financialization of the music economy.
Biden's Promise to Diversify the Courts by Ben Jealous
| @BenJealous | NewBlackMan (in Exile) People who care about equal justice under the law should be very happy about President Joe Biden’s first set of judicial nominees. I am especially excited about the three outstanding Black women that President Biden nominated to the circuit courts—the appeals court level just below the U.S. Supreme Court. You will soon be hearing more about all these highly
Left of Black S11 · E23 | The Devaluation of Black Homeownership with Andre M. Perry
$156 billion. Think about that number. That is the gap of value between homes owned within pre-dominantly Black neighborhoods versus areas that are less than 1% Black. Breaking that number down even further, this equates to the average Black home being undervalued at $48,000 less than the average white home. In this episode of Left of Black , Brookings Institution senior fellow Andre M. Perry joi
How a Previously Unreleased Album Could Impact Prince's Legacy
" Prince’s estate announced that Welcome 2 America , a previously unreleased album, will be released. The posthumous release also raises some ethical questions. Prince recorded Welcome 2 America in 2010, but chose not to put it out at the time, leaving some of his fanbase split on whether he ever wanted the public to hear it at all. De Angela Duff , associate vice provost and Industry professor a
Oscar Nominee: 'A Love Song for Latasha'
"The documentary short “ A Love Song for Latasha ” tells the story of Latasha Harlins , whose murder was a key factor in sparking the 1992 Los Angeles riots. All Of It speaks with director Sophia Nahli Allison about the film, which has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Short."
Why I Turned Chicago's Abandoned Homes into Art
" Amanda Williams shares her lifelong fascination with the complexity of color: from her experiences with race and redlining to her discovery of color theory to her work as a visual artist. Journey with Williams to Chicago's South Side and explore "Color(ed) Theory," a two-year art project in which she painted soon-to-be-demolished houses bold, monochromatic colors infused with local meaning -- c
Jazz Composer Terence Blanchard Took Cues From The Cast For His Oscar-Nominated 'Da 5 Bloods' Score
"Jazz composer Terence Blanchard ’s work on Spike Lee 's Da 5 Bloods is nominated for Best Original Score at the Oscars. The film follows four Black Vietnam War veterans returning to the country to chase old ghosts and a stashed cache of gold. Otis, Melvin, Paul, Eddy and Paul's son, David, are all named after the five members of The Temptations . Blanchard’s score accompanies the vets into the j
A Melting Pot Of Traditions: Regina Carter Talks With Lara Downes
"When Duke Ellington famously coined the phrase "beyond category," he was talking about freedom — of choice, of expression, of belonging. He meant following your heart and your instincts into an artistic territory without borders. And that's the place where violinist Regina Carter makes her home. She plays everything — jazz, classical, R&B, Latin, blues, country, pop, you name it. It doesn't matt
'Filled With Her Spirit,' A Louisville Art Exhibition Honors Breonna Taylor
Tamika Palmer, Breonna Taylor's mother, visits the "Promise, Witness, Remembrance" "Just over a year after police officers shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her home, the Speed Art Museum has opened a show in her memory. "To see it all come together is just a blessing," says Taylor's mother Tamika Palmer."
Long Marred By Racism, St. Louis Elects 1st Black Female Mayor
"Voters in St. Louis delivered a historic victory for Tishaura Jones , the first Black woman elected mayor and the latest triumph for progressive candidates in the St. Louis region. Amid unrest at local jails, surging gun violence and a pandemic that has disproportionately hurt people of color, Jones said race will no longer be an afterthought in the mayor's office. "We are done avoiding race and
In Conversation: Anthea Butler and Melissa Harris-Perry
"The American political scene today is poisonously divided, and white evangelicals play a strikingly unified and powerful role in the disunion. These evangelicals raise an important question for electoral politics: Why do they claim morality while supporting politicians who act immorally by most

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