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Saturday, April 24, 2021

THIS WEEK Education Research Report

 Education Research Report

Education Research Report

The Effect of Serving “Breakfast After-the-Bell” Meals on School Absenteeism
With the rise in the availability of absenteeism data, it is clear that students are missing a staggering amount of school. Policymakers have focused efforts on identifying school programs that might reduce absenteeism. This study examined whether implementing the program “Breakfast After-the-Bell” (BAB) might reduce school absenteeism exploring longitudinal statewide datasets (Colorado and Nevad
Teacher Assistants Improve Student Outcomes
Motivating t he present study is the significant reduction in state-funded staffing levels for TAs in North Carolina that took place during the Great Recession and that have continued to the end of our study period. The authors exploit variation in staffing levels over the period 2001–2012 to estimate causal effects on student outcomes at the elementary level. Their main finding is that TAs enhan
Do Interactions With School Resource Officers Predict Students’ Likelihood of Being Disciplined and Feelings of Safety?
School resource officers (SROs) are common in schools, yet consequences of their presence are poorly understood. This study leveraged mixed-methods data from student surveys and group interviews across 25 schools to examine how the frequency of interactions and trust/comfort between students and SROs relate to disciplinary outcomes and feelings of safety. The authors found no evidence that, in th


Gender discrimination in school principal compensation.
This study i nvestigates the male–female gap in principal compensation in state and national data: detailed longitudinal personnel records from Missouri and repeated cross-sections from the nationally representative Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS). Both data sets show substantively important compensation gaps for school leaders. In Missouri, female principals make approximately $1,450 less ann
Rates of Recovery from COVID-19 Impact
How Kids Are Performing: Tracking the Midyear Impact of COVID-19 on Reading and Mathematics Achievement is a new report detailing the academic impacts associated with COVID-19 school disruptions. Designed to provide educators with targeted data to help them understand how students are performing relative to typical years, the report is based on the results of more than 3.8 million students’ asses

APR 20

New study on universal pre-K and child care: a more meticulous review of the literature relying on fewer preconceptions needed
The Manhattan institute recently published a brief, The Drawbacks of Universal Pre-K: A Review of the Evidence , which reviews evidence relating to both means-tested and universal early childhood care and education programs. W. Steven Barnett, Professor and Senior Co-Director of the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University, reviewed the report. He concludes that while

APR 15

Later school start times let students get adequate sleep
OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS USA Research News SHARE PRINT E-MAIL A new study in SLEEP , published by Oxford University Press, demonstrates the significant benefits of later school start times for middle and high school students' sleep schedules. Sleep is essential to a student's overall health, social development, and academic achievement, yet lack of sleep is common among children and adolescents. B

APR 13

Secondary readers benefit more from engaging instruction than from additional reading periods or technology
Recent initiatives in the United States and United Kingdom have added greatly to the amount and quality of research on the effectiveness of secondary reading programs, especially programs for struggling readers. In this review of the experimental research on secondary reading programs, the authors focused on 69 studies that used random assignment ( n = 62) or high‐quality quasi‐experiments ( n =

APR 12

How do weighted funding formulas affect charter school enrollments?
Study: "How Do Weighted Funding Formulas Affect Charter School Enrollments?" Author: Paul Bruno (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) This study was presented at the American Educational Research Association's 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. Main Findings: The adoption of a school funding system in California that increased revenues for schools enrolling higher-need students led to an increas
Do Students in Gifted Programs Perform Better?
Study: " Linking Gifted Program Participants to Achievement and Nonachievement Outcomes" Authors: Christopher Redding (University of Florida), Jason A. Grissom (Vanderbilt University) This study was presented at the AERA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. Session: On the Road to Equity: Studies of the Impact and Influences of Education Policy Date/Time: Saturday, April 10, 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET Main
Association Between Student-College 0ver and Under Match and Student Outcomes
Study: "Exploring the Association Between Student-College Match and Student Outcomes Over Time" Author: Amanda M. Cook (Northwestern University) This study was presented at the AERA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. Session: Nuances and Challenges to Traditional Notions of College Success Main Findings: Over the past 20 years, bachelor's degree completion rates for students who overmatch (i.e., attend
Students enrolled in late-start-time districts report higher academic achievement
Study: "Students Enrolled in Late-Start-Time Districts Report Higher Academic Achievement and Sleeping More" Authors: Julio Caesar (Bloomington Public Schools), Rik Lamm (University of Minnesota), Michael C. Rodriguez (University of Minnesota), David J. Heistad (Bloomington Public Schools) This study was presented today at the AERA 2021 Annual Meeting. Session: Organizational Effects Examining Ac
Which US elementary schoolchildren are more likely to be frequently bullied?
Study: "Which U.S. Elementary Schoolchildren Are More Likely to Be Frequently Bullied?" Authors: Paul Morgan (Pennsylvania State University), Adrienne D. Woods (Pennsylvania State University), Yangyang Wang (Pennsylvania State University), George Farkas (University of California, Irvine), Yoonkyung Oh (University of Texas Health Science Center), Marianne Hillemeier (Pennsylvania State University)
Negative impacts of high-surveillance high schools
E-MAIL Study: "The Infrastructure of Social Control: A Multi-Level Counterfactual Analysis of Surveillance, Punishment, Achievement, and Persistence" Authors: Odis Johnson (Johns Hopkins University), Jason F. Jabbari (Washington University in St. Louis) This study was presented today at the AERA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. Session: The School-to-Prison and Prison-to-School Pipelines: Studies of
Teacher incentive pay and the black-white test score gap
PRINT E-MAIL Study: "Paying for Whose Performance? Teacher Incentive Pay and the Black-White Test Score Gap" Authors: Andrew J. Hill (Montana State University), Daniel B. Jones (University of Pittsburgh) This study was published today in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. Key Finding: Teacher incentive pay programs that focused on raising student achievement in high-need high schools exp
De Facto School Segregation and Access to College Prep
"21st Century Tracking and De Facto School Segregation: Excluding and Hoarding Access to College Prep" Author: Heather E. Price (Marian University) Presented at the AERA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. Session: Schools and Social Policy: Segregation, Housing, and Transportation Date/Time: Monday, April 12, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. ET Using national data, this study examined how the characteristics of
Estimating the cost of FAFSA verification for public colleges and universities
PRINT E-MAIL Study: "Disproportionate Burden: Estimating the Cost of FAFSA Verification for Public Colleges and Universities" Authors: Alberto Guzman-Alvarez (University of Pittsburgh), Lindsay C. Page (University of Pittsburgh) This study was published today in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. Main Findings: The institutional compliance costs of the FAFSA verification mandate in 2014

Education Research Report