Wednesday, April 7, 2021

SAVE SACRAMENTO CITY'S AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: 4TH R AFTER SCHOOL CHILDCARE - Sacramento Coalition to Save Public Education #Save4thR @RSave4th

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Students and parents can't get back to "normal" without reliable childcare. 4th R is threatened with closure. Below are ways you can lobby decision makers to restore 4th R.
Hello Save 4th R Families!
Congratulations on getting nearly 1,000 signatures on our Petition! The Petition has been forwarded to the Superintendent and all the School Board Trustees as well as the City Council working group on 4th R (Councilmembers Valenzeula, Guerra, Schenirer, and Vang).
**Please note: SCCSC sent out an email last night that does seem to say it is attempting to replicate the 4th R program fairly closely. You can see those FAQs at**
4th R is a special program for children and families. It’s more than convenience and low fees – it’s a trusted partner in raising and caring for the children in our neighborhoods. It’s a place where kids learn new life skills in a safe and fun environment. It’s something we all relied on and looked forward to our children resuming once the pandemic let up to give them the social and emotional space as we reopen our lives.
And both Natomas Unified and Twin Rivers have operating 4th R sites right now.
If you are still in this fight, here are some actions you can take before Thursday's School Board Meeting:
If you have 5 minutes:
Post a picture of you (or your child, if you’re comfortable with that) holding a #Save4thR sign on Social Media – please tag #Save4thR @RSave4th @mayor_Steinberg @OfficialSCUSD @katie4council @kyamamura @MackenzieMays @CBSSacramento @FOX40 @laurelrosenhall @sawsan24
If you have 10 minutes:
Forward this email on to 5 friends and family and send a note to your City Council Member ( and School Board member ( telling them to Save 4th R! (If you need talking points, see below.)
If you have 15 minutes:
Draft a public comment for the school board meeting on Thursday (must be submitted by noon on Thursday!) by email to – and please send us at copy at (you can also submit it at
If you have a 30 minutes:
Sign up to testify at Thursday, April 8’s School Board meeting by noon on April 8 filling out the form at indicating you’d like to speak on item 9.0 Public Comment Items Not on the Agenda. You will have up to 2 minutes to speak. Directions about how you will be called will be emailed to you (you will get a telephone call from someone at the District. Please note, Public Comment isn’t “scheduled” to start until 9:30pm so submit your comment in writing if you can’t stay up late).
If you have 60 minutes:
Sign up to show up at the start of the School Board Meeting
This Thursday, April 8 at 5:30pm-6:30pm
5735 47th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95824
Talking Points – choose some that work for you
1. We want 4th R back.
2. My family is willing to wait for 4th R until summer or fall.
3. 4th R is a public asset that Sacramento wants expanded not gutted.
4. Our children are depending on the care and programming offered by 4th R. Haven’t they suffered enough in this pandemic?
Supports for your statements:
4th R is vital to our children’s social and emotional health and is a trusted partner for our children’s care and education
4th R at most sites is waitlisted. Instead of shutting down a treasured community-owned asset and giving it to a nonprofit, expand all our options and offer both and all schools and more. We need more childcare, not less!
This is a fee-based program that families pay for; it’s not costing the District any money. So let parents be part of the decision-making on who and where care will be provided. Don’t make a decision this core to our day-to-day life without engaging us and with no notice.
With all the relief money coming from the feds and state, we should be adding childcare options, not shutting them down.
This is a women’s and children’s rights issue. For women to return to work in any numbers, we must have safe, reliable, trusted, and quality childcare. 4th R was exactly that. Bring it back.
4th R supports families and children in innumerable ways – from affirming gender pronouns to sparking creativity. Our City needs 4th R to build our next generation.
Offer some limited care options for families that need it but wait for 4th R to ramp up.
4th R creates community at its sites. Children develop long-lasting relationships, keeps children learning in the summer, is safe and comforting, and provides relief to families in the middle of a pandemic. We need continuity and consistency. Not chaos.
The new program isn’t close to being ready anyway. Let’s wait for 4th R.

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