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Jenn Nkiru’s Panafrican Imagination: Black Studies as Aesthetic Practice
'liquid blackness, a research project on blackness and aesthetics at Georgia State University, in collaboration with the Film and Media Studies Department, Emory University, presented a public screening and artist talk dedicated to the award-winning cinematographer, writer, director, and curator of AFROFREQUENCY , Jenn Nkiru . Following Nkiru’s artist talk, liquid blackness founder and coordinato
Drawn & Recorded: Blind Willie in Space
'The US gospel blues musician and evangelist ‘Blind’ Willie Johnson was born to a sharecropping family in the small town of Pendleton, Texas in 1897. After learning to play a cigar-box guitar, he performed as a popular street musician throughout Texas, eventually recording 30 songs for Columbia Records between 1927 and 1930. Little notice was taken of his death in 1945, and much of his biography
Left of Black S11 · E13 | Daniel Royles on HIV/AIDS & the Black Community
The HIV/AIDS epidemic impacts the entire nation but most especially those communities already vulnerable to social injustice– the African American community. As with COVID-19, the disparities felt by Black & brown communities due to systemic racism are exacerbated when a global virus threatens everyone's health, calling attention to the precarity of marginalized groups. But what did AIDS activism
Artist Ellen Gallagher and Master Printer Craig Zammiello on "DeLuxe"
' Episode #059: Master Printer Craig Zammiello and artist Ellen Gallagher discuss their working relationship during the process of creating "DeLuxe" (2004-05), a suite of 60 individual works employing both traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques.' -- Art21

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“Whitey on the Moon” or Summer Of Soul and the Legacy of the Harlem Cultural Festival by Mark Anthony Neal
| @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (n Exile) Summer Of Soul (...Or, When The Revolution Could Not Be Televised) is the directorial debut of Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, a contemporary impresario of the cool scale of Blackity-Blackness. The film is drawn from found footage from the Harlem Cultural Festival, a series of open-air concerts held in Harlem’s Mt. Morris Park during the summer of 1969. Long mi
Hip-Hop's Female Pioneers
'Writer and editor Clover Hope joins All Of It to discuss her new book, The Motherlode: 100+ Women Who Made Hip-Hop , which features illustrations by Rachelle Baker. The book looks at the careers of over 100 female rappers, including Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion, and explores the deep influences of women on the genre.'
Ben Okri Reads “A Wrinkle in the Realm”
' Ben Okri reads his story from the February 8, 2021, issue of the New Yorker magazine. Okri is the author of eleven novels, including The Famished Road, which won the Booker Prize in 1991, and The Freedom Artist, which came out in 2019. His story collection, Prayer for the Living , was published in the U.S. in February of 2021.'
Baseball's Leading Lady' Effa Manley
'Author Andrea Williams joins All Of It to discuss her young adult book, Baseball's Leading Lady: Effa Manley and the Rise and Fall of the Negro Leagues , about the first and only woman to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Manley was the owner and co-manager of the Newark Eagles, a team she cultivated into a powerhouse.'
Who's 'Black Enough' For Reparations?
On this episode of NPR's Code Switch , the vexing question of who deserves Reparations based on racial discrimination, and who decides the criteria. They are joined by Sandy Darity , Christina Greer and Darrick Hamilton .

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Def Jam Presents: Through The Lens – Janette Beckman (Episode 1)
'Episode One of Through The Lens , focusing on British-born photographer Janette Beckman , who lives and works in New York and began her career at the dawn of punk rock, working for such music magazines as The Face and Melody Maker . Beckman was one of the first photographers to shoot LL Cool J , T La Rock and Slick Rick .'-- Def Jam
Saint Coltrane: The Church Built On 'A Love Supreme'
'In this 20-minute documentary short, Jazz Night in America pays a visit to the Coltrane Church, thoughtfully tracing its winding history — including a tumultuous period when Alice Coltrane, John's widow, bestowed and then revoked her support. We'll delve into the spiritual mysteries of 'A Love Supreme,' from "Acknowledgment" to "Psalm," and consider what it means to be of service — to a calling,
NCMOH Jazz Series: Nnenna Freelon: Concert with Conversation
'What links exist between Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra ? Who are some songwriters of the Great American Songbook? Who can we look to today? Join Grammy-nominated vocalist and North Carolina–based artist Nina Freelon and her accompanist for an intimate, informal program that explores some popular music of the 1940s—and some from the current day. The music, and the stories, will take us on a su
The Quarantine Tapes 153: Joy Harjo
“We’re all called in our human being-ness to embody what a warrior embodies, and that’s someone who’s awake and is listening and is moving through the world listening.” 'Host Paul Holdengräber is joined by poet Joy Harjo on episode 153 of The Quarantine Tapes . Joy and Paul discuss the relationship between different art forms as Joy talks about her poetry, music, and painting practices.'

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Black History Month 2021: “There’s a Lot Left to Be Done” by Ben Jealous
| @BenJealous | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile) February is Black History Month – and Black people just made a whole lot of history. Joe Biden is our president and Donald Trump is not because Black organizers and voters decided that they would not be denied their right as American citizens to be heard at the ballot box. Kamala Harris is our history-making vice president, a Black and Southeast
Black History Month 2021: “There’s a Lot Left to Be Done” by Ben Jealous
| @BenJealous | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile) February is Black History Month – and Black people just made a whole lot of history. Joe Biden is our president and Donald Trump is not because Black organizers and voters decided that they would not be denied their right as American citizens to be heard at the ballot box. Kamala Harris is our history-making vice president, a Black and Southeast

JAN 31

My Name is Pauli Murray: New Film on Black Queer Legal Pioneer Who Inspired RBG & Thurgood Marshal
'Democracy Now! looks at the life of one of the most pivotal figures in the history of struggle for gender equality and racial justice, Pauli Murray , whose story is told in the new documentary My Name Is Pauli Murray , which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Murray was a trailblazing Black, nonbinary, queer, feminist poet, lawyer, legal scholar and priest who influenced the likes of Ruth
The Deep History of White Supremacy Within the U.S. Military
'As the Biden administration hopes Lloyd J. Austin will help usher in an era of change for the U.S. military, The Takeaway looks back at the history that got us to this point, and what our government and military leaders really need to do to root out violent racist hate groups from our armed forces. Dr. George Reed , retired Army Colonel and the Dean of the School of Public Affairs at the Univers
The New Yorker Radio Hour: William Barber, and the Question of Faith and Politics
'In January, 2021, the Reverend William J. Barber II of the Greenleaf Christian Church delivered the homily for the inaugural prayer service. His appearance, speaking to, and for, the new Administration, was significant. Politics and religion go hand in hand for Barber, but his agenda is diametrically opposed to that of the Christian right, which has so deeply influenced U.S. politics. Barber thi
Ani DiFranco Wants Us To Engage In 'Revolutionary Love'
'At a time when the country seems more and more divided, it can be a lot to ask of a person to "love thy neighbor," even when they don't necessarily love you back. It takes an aggressive kind of love to start engaging, and that's the idea that inspired the title track of Ani DiFranco 's newest record, Revolutionary Love . The phrase is also the name of a book by DiFranco's good friend, activist V

JAN 30

The Quarantine Tapes 151: Nikky Finney
“Don’t you ever forget that love made you. That’s a really important fact for me as a poet of my time in this world today.” 'Poet Nikky Finney joins guest host Walter Mosley for a two-part discussion on episode 151 of The Quarantine Tapes . Finney speaks with great thoughtfulness about the responsibilities of a working poet and of a teacher and how she feels humbled by both those jobs. Finney tal
Queen Cicely by Lisa B. Thompson
| @DrLisaBThompson | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile) My family watched television together after dinner on nights when my father came home early. My brother and I sat on pillows on the floor in front of our new color RCA TV because the sofa was for Mommy and Daddy only. One night in 1972 I was mesmerized by the diminutive, angular face of dark-skinned Black woman on the screen. I’ll never forg

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