Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Teacher Tom: To Do Good Feels Good

Teacher Tom: To Do Good Feels Good
To Do Good Feels Good

One of the single most depressing days of my life was when the professor in a university course I was taking called The Art of Rhetoric argued the case against altruism. He made his claim, then invited a classroom full of idealistic youths to try to prove him wrong. 

"What about the hero who runs into a burning building?" we asked.

"He knew he wouldn't be able to live with himself otherwise. Or maybe he knew it would be unbearable to lose a loved one. Or maybe he was thinking about the kudos and rewards."

"What about a mother who cares for her baby?"

"She will be arrested if she neglects it. She'll be a social outcast if she behaves otherwise. She loves the praise of being a good mother."

It went on for some time, but in the end I walked away with new doubts and cynical thoughts about humanity, myself  CONTINUE READING: Teacher Tom: To Do Good Feels Good