Saturday, January 23, 2021

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 Education Research Report

Education Research Report

A Misguided Guide for Implementing Innovation Schools
The Progressive Policy Institute recently published a “how-to” guide for entities such as charter management companies that seek to develop innovation schools in urban communities. Carrie Sampson of Arizona State University and Sarah Diem of the University of Missouri reviewed The Third Way: A Guide to Implementing Innovation Schools and found it to lack research-based evidence to support its rec

JAN 20

Argument‐based approach to teaching science in elementary school: improvement in critical thinking scores, but not science
This study investigates the impact of an argument‐based approach to teaching science in elementary school on science learning and critical thinking skills. Forty‐eight schools participated in the study, with data on 9,963 students across the 2 years of the intervention. Annual standardized tests assessing science content knowledge were used to evaluate the effect of the intervention on science us

JAN 14

College campuses are COVID-19 superspreaders, new study suggests
College campuses are at risk of becoming COVID-19 superspreaders for their entire county, according to a new vast study which shows the striking danger of the first two weeks of school in particular. Looking at 30 campuses across the nation with the highest amount of reported cases, experts saw that over half of the institutions had spikes -- at their peak -- which were well above 1,000 coronavir

JAN 11

Gender role norms can explain the lower performance of girls in mathematics only in relatively affluent White families
Previous research has shown that norms around the role of women in society could help explain the gender gap in mathematics, and that these norms could be transmitted within the family. Using data from the Florida Department of Education combined with birth certificates this study uncovers important heterogeneity in the transmission of gender biases within the family, finding that gender role nor

JAN 06

New review says the ineffective 'learning styles' theory persists in education
A new review by Swansea University reveals there is widespread belief, around the world, in a teaching method that is not only ineffective but may actually be harmful to learners. For decades educators have been advised to match their teaching to the supposed 'learning styles' of students. There are more than 70 different classification systems, but the most well-known (VARK) sees individuals bei

JAN 05

Reopening Florida schools followed by uptick in COVID-19 infections
Reopening Florida elementary and high schools in September was followed by increased COVID-19 infections, according to data analyzed by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Harvard Medical School and Tel Aviv University researchers. The findings were just published in Archives of Disease in Childhood . Florida is one of the few states that provides incidence of infections by exact age and county.
Non-immigrant kids respond differently when immigrant children are bullied
A recent study finds that, while youth think all bullying is bad, non-immigrant adolescents object less to bullying when the victim is an immigrant. However, the study found that the more contact immigrant and non-immigrant children had with each other, the more strongly they objected to bullying. "We know that bystanders can play a key role in stopping bullying, and wanted to better understand b
Long-Term Effects of Social-Emotional Learning on Academic Skills
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs are school-based preventive interventions that aim to improve children’s social-emotional skills and behaviors. Although meta-analytic research has shown that SEL programs implemented in early childhood can improve academic and behavioral outcomes in the short-term, there is limited work examining program effects on children’s math and language skills in t
A teacher classroom behavior management training program improved classroom management and student social and academic outcomes
This cluster randomized controlled trial evaluated the efficacy of the CHAMPS classroom management program on the social behavioral and academic outcomes of a large diverse sample of middle school students within an urban context. Participants included 102 teachers and 1,450 students in sixth to eighth grade. Two-level hierarchical linear models (HLM) were conducted to examine the overall treatme
Addressing COVID-19’s Disruption of Student Assessment
Under an IES grant , the RAND Corporation, in collaboration with NWEA, is developing strategies for schools and districts to address the impacts of COVID-19 disruptions on student assessment programs. The goal is to provide empirical evidence of the strengths and limitations of strategies 

Education Research Report