Monday, January 25, 2021

Jill Biden honors teachers in her 1st event as first lady

Jill Biden honors teachers in her 1st event as first lady
Jill Biden honors fellow teachers in her 1st official event as first lady
As an educator herself, Biden said she couldn't wait to take the opportunity to thank teachers across the nation for their “heroic commitment” to their jobs.

For her first official event since becoming first lady, Jill Biden honored a group of Americans close to her heart — her fellow teachers.

Biden, who’s an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College, held a virtual meeting with educators across the country to show appreciation for their hard work amid the coronavirus pandemic and to let them know they have the support of the White House.

“I couldn't wait one more day to have this meeting,” she told those watching, “because I have never felt prouder of our profession. In this pandemic, educators have shown heroic commitment to their students.”

It’s a commitment, she noted, that goes far beyond the basics required in a typical classroom.

“I've been so inspired by so many of you who have gone above and beyond to meet your students, where they are, in this past year,” she said. “Teaching late nights because your students don't have access to computers until somebody in their family, who's finished using the computer, can give it to them; driving hot spots to neighborhoods without Wi-Fi; taking tearful calls from parents who felt like they just could not juggle at all; supporting parents, distributing food, doing everything that you can to support students’ mental health. And educators, you've done it all, while taking care of your own families and facing your own challenges." CONTINUE READING: 

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