Saturday, January 9, 2021

Education Matters: Juking the stats DCPS graduation style

Education Matters: Juking the stats DCPS graduation style
Juking the stats DCPS graduation style

Superintendent Greene sent out an email blast touting the district's improvement in graduation, a stat that has steadily gone up for a decade. This is my question, can any of you point to a specific policy that she implemented that has led to our increase? I can, and that’s the district requiring teachers to promote students whether they deserve it or not. Like with COVID numbers, the district's focus is appearing to do good rather than actually doing good.

Before I continue, I just want to say I am not for failing kids. I think we should do everything we can to promote them. I guess a difference between me, and the district is I believe teachers are already doing so.

Two years ago, I did a series of blogs about how the district was limiting teachers' ability to fail students.

Then we shouldn’t forget that Greene left a graduation scandal in her last district.

When Times-Union writer Emily Bloch posted a piece on Facebook about our graduation rates improving.

She received a few dozen comments, overwhelmingly from CONTINUE READING: