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Conversations in Black Freedom Studies: Resisting Carceral Cities – Police, Prisons, & Punishment in Perspective
'Black people have faced a disproportionate amount of police surveillance, arrests, and incarcerations. Join a conversation about historical perspectives on the rise of prisons and police and resistance to them. The discussion features authors Garrett Felber ( Those Who Know Don’t Say: The Nation of Islam, the Black Freedom Movement and the Carceral State ), Kelly Lytle Hernandez ( City of Inmate
Crate Digging With Christian McBride: Joe Zawinul And 50 Years Of Weather Report
'This Crate Digging episode of Jazz Night in America finds our host, Christian McBride, selecting a must-hear 2006 concert from The Zawinul Syndicate, with Joe Zawinul leading the way through a career-spanning setlist. We'll also look back on 50 years of Weather Report with some esteemed alumni of the band joining McBride in conversation.'
Why Scholar Loretta Ross Is 'Calling In' Callout Culture
' Loretta Ross is a Black feminist, activist and scholar. One of her biggest concerns now? The pervasiveness of callout culture. Ross is the author of the forthcoming book Calling In the Calling Out Culture .' -- WBUR | On Point
Louder Than A Riot –‘Prison To Prison Pipeline': Isis Tha Saviour
' Hip-hop loves a hero's come-up, but the culture often has a hard time seeing women as heroes. Two years ago, when Louder Than A Riot editor Chiquita Paschal discovered she had a sister — who rapped — she quickly saw how that double standard can take shape. Chiquita's sister is Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter , aka Philly rapper Isis Tha Saviour. In this episode, Chiquita takes us on Mary's hero's j
Left of Black S11 · E6 | Black Women Rock n' Roll Legends with Maureen Mahon
When we think of rock n' roll, we may not initially think of the pioneering Black women who blazed the first trails that established what we know of today as the iconic music of the 1950's on through the 1970's. Yet, there is no question that such rock legends like Big Mama Thornton and Etta James and epic rock groups like The Shirelles and Labelle laid the bedrock for what is arguably the most A
Dr. Paul Farmer: Centuries of Inequality in the U.S. Laid Groundwork for Pandemic Devastation
'As the United States sets new records for COVID -19 deaths and hospitalizations, we speak with one of the world’s leading experts on infectious diseases, Dr. Paul Farmer , who says the devastating death toll in the U.S. reflects decades of underinvestment in public health and centuries of social inequality. “All the social pathologies of our nation come to the fore during epidemics,” says Dr. Fa

DEC 03

Stories from the Stage: Growing Up Black
'What does it mean to grow up Black in America, a country too often divided by race? It might mean strangers looking at you with suspicion, being pulled over by the police for no reason and/or being afraid to walk outside because of who you are. Bullied by a group of kids, Ben Cunningham finds out he is not alone; Susanne Schmidt shares the realities of raising kids of a different race; and Angie
Are You Saved?: The History of Blacks in Religion
'For centuries, the Black church has served as the epicenter of black life and culture. From religious instruction, education, socialization, political engagement and economic empowerment, the black church has and still plays a critically important role. Unfortunately, significant parts of the history of the black church and its leadership are at risk of being lost forever. Are You Saved? The His

DEC 02

Raising an Anti-Racist
'You may have marched, you may have bought the books, but how do you continue to live an anti-racist life? How do you raise an anti-racist child? Dr. Nyeema C. Watson is the vice chancellor diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement at Rutgers University–Camden, where she oversees efforts to build an inclusive campus community while also connecting the resources of the university with communities
Not Sentenced to Death, but Dying: COVID-19 in the Carceral State
'Researcher Duncan Tarr reports on the COVID-19 pandemic and prisoner uprisings across the largest carceral network in human history - the United States - and explains why the only course towards a safe and just society is the dismantling of the prison system, and the freedom of incarcerated people. Tarr is co-author of the report First 90 Days of Prisoner Resistance to COVID-19: Report on Events

DEC 01

Michael Eric Dyson's Book, 'Long Time Coming,' Aims To Help America Reckon With Race
'NPR Morning Edition 's Noel King speaks with author Michael Eric Dyson about his new book on reckoning with race in America. It's called: Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America.'
"Strange Fruit (Reprise)" - Salaam Remi feat. Betty Wright & James Poyser (Official Video)
'Official video for "Strange Fruit (Reprise)" by Salaam Remi featuring Betty Wright & James Poyser , from the recording Black on Purpose .'
Navigating Academic Publishing for BIPOC Scholars | Publishing Humanities Initiative
​' Duke University Press Editorial Director Gisela Fosado and Senior Executive Editor Ken Wissoker share a discussion especially for #BIPOC scholars (graduate students, faculty and postdocs) in the humanities and social sciences. Fosado and Wissoker talked publishing with a university press, approaching acquisition editors, and successfully navigating peer review and other key parts of the public
Misty Copeland Celebrates Ballet's Beautiful Friendships In 'Bunheads'
' Misty Copeland hopes her book will help young dancers feel comfortable in the studio and on the stage. She says illustrator Setor Fiadzigbey channeled "superhero energy" into dancers leaping off the page.' -- Weekend Edition Sunday
Fred Hampton Assassination: A People's History with #BlackPantherParty Lawyer Flint Taylor
' The Tight Rope commemorates the assassination of Black Panther Party leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark on December 4, 1969, with one of their lawyers, Flint Taylor . He tells Tricia Rose and Cornel West how he successfully sued the F.B.I. for orchestrating the massacre on Chicago's west side as part of COINTELPRO. Taylor is co-founder of the People's Law Office and author of The Torture Machi

NOV 28

Terri Lyne Carrington + Social Science: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concer
'In the jazz world, Carrington is a celebrity — a 40-year professional musician who's won Grammy awards and performed with a seemingly infinite list of jazz dignitaries such as Wayne Shorter , Herbie Hancock and Geri Allen . An outspoken activist, teacher and mentor, she is also the founder and artistic director of the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice, a multidisciplinary program whos
Carmen Lundy Presents Living The Jazzlife with Rhonda Hamilton: Episode 3 - Marvin "Smitty" Smith
'Presented by Carmen Lundy and Afrasia Productions, on this episode of Living The Jazzlife with Rhonda Hamilton , Hamilton is joined by veteran drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith .'
Food for the Soul
'Like the Blues and Jazz, the Black American culinary tradition is rooted in a specific kind of American experience. From one generation to the next, Black families have turned to traditional dishes to celebrate the holidays, to commiserate and even to mourn. In the latest episode of Into America , Trymaine Lee talks to culinary historian and author Michael Twitty about the forces that influenced
Busta Rhymes On 'Extinction Level Event 2' And Hip-Hop As A Daily Practice
'The latest in a prolific career, Busta Rhyme 's new album is a sequel — delivered 22 years after the first Extinction Level Event — and a characteristically big, ambitious project.' -- All Things Considered
Provocation and Follow-Through: Julia Bullock Talks With Lara Downes
' Julia Bullock is an artist who dares you to find new adjectives. The soprano is often described as "radiant," an overused word that actually describes her surprisingly well. Onstage, she's a shapeshifter, ranging from elegant and commanding to bewitching, provocative and dangerous – but consistently intelligent and nuanced. Offstage, she can be goofy. In this conversation with Amplify host Lara
System Check with Melissa Harris-Perry and Dorian Warren: It’s Time America Abolished Poverty
'On this episode of System Check , Melissa Harris-Perry and Dorian Warren ask: How can we eradicate poverty in America? It's not just about jobs, and the answers are common sense, but radical: To end poverty, we need to meet 

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