Monday, December 14, 2020

About that PhD. – Fred Klonsky

About that PhD. – Fred Klonsky

With all the crises facing folks these days, some may wonder about why the hell are we talking about Jill Biden and her title as a doctor?

The Wall Street Journal, which published the original op-ed piece by Joseph Epstein, doubled down. Top WSJ editor Paul Gigot complained about critics of the column playing the gender card.

Whatever that is.

Dr. Biden has earned her title. She plans to continue to teach at a community college.

But what would be a shame is if the moment was lost to ask what exactly the Biden administration has planned for secondary education, student debt, junior colleges, adjunct pay and job protection?

Over 70% of U.S. instructors in higher education are adjuncts or never-to-be CONTINUE READING: About that PhD. – Fred Klonsky