Wednesday, August 12, 2020

OPC vs jd – who would you choose? | JD2718

OPC vs jd – who would you choose? | JD2718

OPC vs jd – who would you choose?

So pretend for a moment that you are an NYCDoE principal and that you need to get September ready and you can have an outside helper, and you have it narrowed down to the Overpaid Private Consultant (OPC) that the DoE uses, or me (JD)… and all you have to go on are these little bits that each of us wrote about entry into buildings. Read on, and prepare to make your choice.

Overpaid Private Consultant

Checklist for General Student Entry Procedures

(from the 2020 – 2021 School Year | Reopening Playbook for Principals)

playbook-for-principals-2020-2021-school-reopening – p22

      •   Yes, our school entry procedures align with health and safety measures related to temperature checks. Yes, I have referred to Health Policy for up-to-date guidance on temperature check protocols.
      •   Yes, our school (and campuses if applicable) has assigned sufficient staffing to accommodate multiple points of entry should identify these multiple points of entry, ensure that students report to classrooms, and avoid shared spaces at the beginning of the day.
      •   Yes, sufficient staff to ensure that students are supported in maintaining physical distancing and using PPE supervises each point of entry.
      •   Yes, this includes staff presence outside the school building to support students and families lining up for entry.
      •   Yes, either I, as school principal, and/or the Building Response Team (BRT) Leader in CONTINUE READING: 
      • OPC vs jd – who would you choose? | JD2718