Thursday, August 6, 2020

Mitchell Robinson: A Teacher's Advice to Nurses in a Pandemic | Eclectablog

A Teacher's Advice to Nurses in a Pandemic | Eclectablog

A Teacher’s Advice to Nurses in a Pandemic

Since you took the time to offer your advice, as a nurse, on how teachers should do their jobs, I thought I’d return the favor and share my thoughts on how nurses should do their jobs.
Except the truth is that I don’t have the faintest idea how to advise you how to be a nurse. Because I have never studied nursing, and have never worked as a nurse in any setting. Yes, I’ve administered first aid to my children, and even to some of my students in emergency situations over the years—but since I don’t really have any knowledge or background in nursing, I don’t really have any business telling you how to do your job.
Because that’s how reasonable adults should behave, isn’t it? I’m a teacher, so even though I’ve been in a hospital and seen what nurses do, it would be the height of arrogance for me to presume I knew the first thing about the complexities that nurses deal with on a daily basis. I just don’t. And I’d be a total jerk to think I could offer you, or any other nurse, any sort of professional advice about nursing based on my experience in a completely different profession. Wouldn’t I?
Just like when I buy a plane ticket I don’t think that qualifies me to jump into the co-pilot’s seat and tell the pilot how to fly the plane.
Or when I paid the handyman to put on our new storm door last week I didn’t think that somehow made it ok for me to instruct him how to measure and install the door.
Because part of being a functioning member of society, and just a decent person in general, CONTINUE READING: A Teacher's Advice to Nurses in a Pandemic | Eclectablog