Tuesday, August 11, 2020

How many NYC parents chose “blended learning”? | JD2718

How many NYC parents chose “blended learning”? | JD2718

How many NYC parents chose “blended learning”?

This is easy.
There are 1.1 million students in New York City.
The mayor and Chancellor want blended learning (hybrid) to take place in September. The Mayor has been boasting about it. The Chancellor has been boasting about. The Mayor and Chancellor have been pushing hard. There is not a strong, centrally organized resistance*.
.Which means the Mayor and the Chancellor have been able to rig things.

June Survey Results

How comfortable are you going to in-person school every day this fall, if there are health and safety measures like social distancing?Citywide Average
Very comfortable25%
Mostly comfortable31%
A little comfortable27%
Not at all comfortable17%
Does the chart look unfamiliar? Yes – I have easy access to 6 – 12 data. The k – 12 data I believe is even more wary.
You probably know, the Mayor and Chancellor dishonestly added the first three categories to claim a very high rate wanted to go back. They included “A little comfortable” – how is that honest?
We could also add the bottom three, and claim that the vast majority have questions.
Or we could do what most math-y people do, and make Very comfortable = 3, Mostly comfortable = 2, A little comfortable = 1, and Not at all comfortable = 0, and take the average. The citywide 6 – 12 average was 1.64. My school’s average was 1.79.
Why do I write “was”? Because these surveys were filled out in June. People are more nervous today. CONTINUE READING: How many NYC parents chose “blended learning”? | JD2718