Sunday, July 12, 2020

TODAY'S BETSY DEVOS "HIT" PARADE: Internet buries Betsy DeVos for ‘total trainwreck’ CNN interview: ‘Why is she in charge of ANYTHING?’ – Raw Story

Internet buries Betsy DeVos for ‘total trainwreck’ CNN interview: ‘Why is she in charge of ANYTHING?’ – Raw Story


Internet buries Betsy DeVos for ‘total trainwreck’ CNN interview: ‘Why is she in charge of ANYTHING?’ – Raw Story -

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos both stunned and appalled Twitter commentators on Sunday morning after she spent nearly 24 minutes sparring with CNN host Dana Bash over reopening the schools during a pandemic while misrepresenting the health risks to children that led the “State of the Union” to fact-check her.
With Bash closing the contentious interview by smirking at another non-answer from the Trump administration official, Twitter commenters flooded the social media platform with comments over what one called a “total trainwreck” cable news appearance. CONTINUE READING: Raw Story -

DeVos pushes for schools to reopen, defends CDC guidelines


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Sunday broke with President Donald Trump’s criticism of federal guidelines for reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic, calling the recommendations the president described as tough, expensive and impractical “common sense.”
DeVos also emphasized that the CDC’s recommendations are merely guidance, as she insisted that children need to return to school this fall, despite surging coronavirus infections throughout swaths of the country that have contributed to new nationwide daily infection records. And she said that returning children to school will not endanger them. CONTINUE READING:  POLITICO -
‘You can’t do that’: Chris Wallace scolds Betsy DeVos for trying to illegally cut off school funding – Raw Story -

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday challenged Trump administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over a threat to cut off funding for schools that do not agree to gathering students together during the coronavirus pandemic.
“Both you and the president have threatened to cut off funding for schools systems that don’t open fully in the fall,” Wallace explained during an interview with DeVos. “Are you and the president unilaterally going to cut off funding that’s been approved by Congress — and most of the money goes to disadvantaged students or students with disabilities?” CONTINUE READING: Raw Story -

Betsy DeVos cut off by CNN’s Bash with fact-check that children will not be safe back in school during the pandemic – Raw Story -

During a contentious “State of the Union” interview with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, CNN’s Dana Bash had to pull the Trump administration official up short that she said that children would be safe to return to school despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
With DeVos repeatedly insisting kids need to go back to school, while avoiding questions over whether her department has any guidance or plans for their health neeeds, Bash pressed her to guarantee that kids would be safe. CONTINUE READING: Raw Story -
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