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A Photography Community for Black Women
' Polly Irungu , digital editor at The Takeaway , joins us to discuss founding Black Women Photographers , a community and database of Black women photographers across the country and globally.' -- All Of It
Fishko Files: Harlem Renaissance
'A cultural movement of Black writers and artists was flourishing a century ago in uptown New York, and it’s being remembered now with various virtual events. As WNYC’s Sara Fishko tells us in this episode of Fishko Files , the Harlem Renaissance movement was rich with ideas. Emily Bernard is a professor at the University of Vermont and the editor of Remember Me to Harlem: The Letters of Langston
Zoé Samudzi: Namibian History, Anticolonial Solidarities & Reparative Futuritie
'This conversation with Zoé Samudzi was recorded to operates as a complement of her text "Reparative Futurities: Thinking From the Ovaherero and Nama Colonial Genocide,” commissioned for and published in The Funambulist 30 (July-August 2020) REPARATIONS. Zoé begins by contextualizing the history of the first 20th century genocide, which was committed by the German settler colonial army against th
Netflix's The Old Guard: Gina Prince-Bythewood and KiKi Layne in Conversation with Barry Jenkins
'Celebrated director Gina Prince-Bythewood ( Love & Basketball , Beyond the Lights ) and rising star KiKi Layne ( If Beale Street Could Talk ) are in conversation with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins about Prince-Bythewood’s brilliant new Netflix movie The Old Guard . A tough and thoughtful action thriller starring Charlize Theron and Layne, The Old Guard is already being hailed by

JUL 16

The Economics Behind Racial Coronavirus Disparities
'African Americans face immense disparities across a broad range of categories, including economic. That history of disadvantage is making the current problems of COVID-19 even worse. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports.' -- PBS NewsHour
Sandy Darity: A Blueprint for Reparations
'With clarity and insight, economist and author William "Sandy" Darity discusses how the grievous injustice of slavery in the US led to the immense wealth gap that currently exists between Black and white Americans. He explains how reparations for descendants of enslaved people would work -- and why it's necessary that the US engage in this act of compensation and redemption to make progress towa
How Dana Canedy the First Black Head of a Major Publishing House Wants to Change the Industry
'In the wake of protests against systemic racism in the U.S., many industries are reexamining past practices and facing questions about their own racial biases. One new effort puts a spotlight on the world of publishing. Jeffrey Brown reports and talks to Simon & Schuster’s Dana Canedy , the first Black person to head a major publishing house, for our ongoing series about arts and culture, Canvas
Christina Greer: Notes of a Native Son – The World According to James Baldwin
'In the 1960s, the FBI amassed almost 2,000 documents in an investigation into one of America’s most celebrated minds. The subject of this inquiry was a writer named James Baldwin , one of the best-selling black authors in the world at the time. What made him loom so large in the imaginations of both the public and the authorities? Christina Greer explores the life and works of James Baldwin.' --

JUL 13

The Sons of Lionel: Thomas Callaway and John Stephens by Mark Anthony Neal
| @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile) That Cee Lo Green’s recording Cee Lo Green is Thomas Callaway was released on Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound label, is a stark reminder that it’s been 14 years since he broke through with Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” and a decade since “Fuck You” (from 2010’s Lady Killers ) made him, albeit briefly, a pop star. Green’s pop success almost seemed incidental and a
Giancarlo Esposito on the Relevance of 'Do the Right Thing' Amid Black Lives Matter Movement
' Giancarlo Esposito reflects on the significance of Do the Right Thing in today's social climate. Esposito, who starred in Spike Lee's 1989 film, says the sight of the Minneapolis uprisings reminded him of a critical burning scene inside Sal's Pizzeria.' -- Variety

JUL 12

#BackChannel: Cancel Culture, Hip-Hop & #MeToo, #BlackInTheAcademy & Trans Representation In Media
'Has cancel culture gone too far? That question has echoed throughout American society for several months. Host of The State of Things on WUNC Anita Rao examines the origins of cancel culture and how it is applied today with #BackChannel contributors Natalie Bullock Brown and Mark Anthony Neal . They also share their analysis of On The Record , a new HBO documentary about the women who came forwa
Matter of Fact: How COVID 19 Is Feeding the Hunger Crisis Across the Globe
'Before the coronavirus crisis, immigrants and refugees living the U.S. were a major financial lifeline for their families and the economies they left behind. But now the pandemic is threatening that pipeline. Matter of Fact correspondent Jessica Gomez reports from Lincoln, Nebraska where a large population of resettled refugees are struggling to help their families here and across the globe.'
How Black & Indigenous Groups Won the Fight to Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
'Anti-pipeline activists are celebrating after Duke Energy and Dominion Energy announced they are dropping plans to build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 600-mile pipeline that would have carried fracked gas from West Virginia to North Carolina and threatened rural Indigenous, Black and Brown communities. “There was an awful lot of opposition to this,” says Donna Chavis , senior fossil fuel campai
How One Dad Started a Movement to Celebrate Black Fatherhood
' The Dad Gang began in 2016 as an Instagram account designed to put positive images of Black fatherhood out into the world. Today, the Dad Gang is an entire social community made up of Black dads who support and celebrate each other. The Dad Gang reminds us to love, cherish and protect these men who want nothing more than to be there for their kids.' -- Great Big Story
Chuck D on Dissing John Wayne & Elvis on 'Fight the Power'
' Chuck D speaks about making "Fight the Power" for Spike Lee 's iconic film Do the Right Thing . He explained that the original version sounded nothing like the version that everyone knows, and Chuck also addressed calling out Elvis Presley and John Wayne on the song.' -- djvlad
Making Nigerian Jollof Rice When Trump Wants You Banned
'What’s life like under President Trump’s travel ban? This Nigerian couple tells us how they’ve been impacted and kept apart from family abroad, all while teaching us how to make their favorite dish, jollof rice, from their home country.⁣' -- AJ+

JUL 10

How Pholk Beauty Grew Its Brand By Embracing Authenticity
' For Niambi Cacchioli , Black people have always been green folk. Growing up in Kentucky she was used to being around gardens, but after traveling around the world, she realized there weren’t many skincare companies catering to skin’s needs. She switched careers as an academic and started making skincare products to meet the needs of women like her. Along that journey, she’s discovered how to le
Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism—Readings by Tsitsi Jaji and Mecca Sullivan
'The Meridians two-day symposium at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute held book readings by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan and Tsitsi Jaji as they each read from their works of fiction and poetry.'
Falling Apart: How NYC Public Housing Failed its Tenants |
'The New York City Housing Authority is huge. It was the childhood home of Jay Z , Mos Def , Nas , Fat Joe , Dave East and countless other rappers. There are 334 developments holding 178,895 apartments in 2,602 buildings situated on an area three times the size of Central Park. One in 15, or over half a million, New Yorkers are served by public housing and Section 8 programs. If NYCHA were a city
"simple dude from Austin, Texas who picked up a guitar": Gary Clark, Jr.
' Gary Clark Jr. is still clearly uncomfortable being heralded as one of the best guitarists in a generation. He's played the White House, and toured with the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. This year his blues/rock album, This Land , won three Grammy Awards. Kristine Johnson talks with the musician who describes himself as a "simple dude from Austin, Texas who picked up a guitar"."-- CBS Sunday
Khadijah Tribble Discusses Her Role as Vice President Of A $3B Cannabis Company
' Khadijah Tribble VP, Corporate Social Responsibility at Curaleaf discusses her role as Vice President Of A $3B cannabis company.'
"Actual Proof": Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter & Terence Blanchard on COVID, #BLM, and Wayne Shorter's Legacy
'This incredible video is a true gathering of jazz titans, bringing together the legendary Herbie Hancock , trumpet giant and master composer Terence Blanchard , and SFJAZZ Fridays at Five tribute artist Wayne Shorter for a Zoom hangout. They discuss Shorter’s iconic music, the Black Lives Matter movement during this turbulent time, our new shared reality under the coronavirus pandemic, and how H
‘Honeypot’: Blending Creative Storytelling And Oral History To Spotlight Queer Southern Black Women
'Writer E. Patrick Johnson was hesitant to collect the stories of queer black Southern women. He is a cisgender gay black man, and the divide between the male and female experience was something he felt he could not portray 
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