Saturday, July 18, 2020

NYCDOE, where’s our masks? | JD2718

NYCDOE, where’s our masks? | JD2718

NYCDOE, where’s our masks?

Write your NYC Council Person / Tweet your NYC Council Person
Write politicians? I usually don’t. Most days it’s just a great big time sink. But today? Safety in schools and COVID-19? Issues they all care about. So I’m writing.
We don’t have answers from Carranza? Fuzziness from our union? Let’s ask the elected officials to get us some answers.
I wrote an e-mail version, and a tweet version. I’m writing to my NYC Council member, plus others I know.

Email version

I am a NYC public school teacher.
{if you live or work in the council member’s district, put that info here}
And I am concerned that the reopening plans are leaving safety aside. I am worried for my school. I am worried for every school.
Have they ordered PPE?
How many masks do we need for September? And how many do they have on hand? Can you find out? How are they making up the shortfall?
Where are the hand sanitizer stations? They should be installing them in every school – now. But we see CONTINUE READING: NYCDOE, where’s our masks? | JD2718