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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Mitchell Robinson: Mike Pence Visits a Libertarian's Private School | Eclectablog

Mike Pence Visits a Libertarian's Private School | Eclectablog

Mike Pence Visits a Libertarian’s Private School

Vice President Mike Pence visited a school in North Carolina today, ostensibly to show how the power of 
In an email sent Monday, school officials said Pence will visit Thales Academy K-5 to see how school choice works and to advocate for its further implementation.
Pence also tweeted about how the school, Thales Academy in Apex, NC, was demonstrating how schools could reopen safely.
So what’s the secret at Thales Academy? How can other schools learn from what they are doing at Thales to guarantee a safe reopening? And what kind of school is Thales Academy anyway?

Thales Academy: A Libertarian’s Fever Dream Come True

Thales Academy was the brainchild of Raleigh, NC Libertarian businessman, Bob Luddy. Luddy made his fortune by building kitchen ventilation systems, making him ideally-suited to create a new school from scratch. Frustrated with the regulations that “bureaucrats” in North Carolina required for public schools, Luddy’s first step was to open his own charter school, Franklin Academy.
Franklin Academy, which is still in operation, has had its share of problems over the years–most recently making news for prohibiting their students “from discussing or promoting being homosexual, bisexual or transgender” in the school’s handbook. Facing extreme pressure from the CONTINUE READING: Mike Pence Visits a Libertarian's Private School | Eclectablog