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Monday, June 8, 2020

A Big Education Ape Brief History of Police in Education News #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool #CounselorsNotCops!

Big Education Ape

Big Education Ape A brief History of Police in Education News

Big Education Ape: We Came to Learn: A Call to Action for Police-Free Schools - Advancement Project - Advancement Project -

Big Education Ape: empathyeducates – “To This Mayor [Rahm], Black and Brown Lives Do Not Matter” #DumpRahm -

Big Education Ape: Teaching teens about police contact before confrontation :: SI&A Cabinet Report -

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Big Education Ape: If competition is good for education, how about the police? -

Big Education Ape: Geofeedia Touted Surveillance Of Students To Sell Services To Police -

Big Education Ape: DHS/Police Are Paying School Kids To Spy On Classmates | PopularResistance.Org -

Big Education Ape: Coalition calls for end of police presence in schools | Center for Public Integrity -

Big Education Ape: ‘Education’ in a Police State – In California Alone, Schools Call the Cops Every 2.6 Seconds | Alternet -

Big Education Ape: Teaching about race, racism and police violence: Resources for educators and parents - The Washington Post -

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Big Education Ape: Seattle police pepper sprayed a teacher who was walking and talking to his mom -

Big Education Ape: Seattle Police Chief Defends Officer Who Assulted Me With pepper spray | I AM AN EDUCATOR -

Big Education Ape: Seattle Police Assault Outspoken Teacher. Get Away With It. As Usual. | HorsesAss.Org -

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Big Education Ape: Teaching About Policing and Race in America | Alan Singer -

Big Education Ape: Tevlin: Plot twists in case of Minneapolis drama teacher's arrest - -

Big Education Ape: New Bill Would Have Teachers Diagnose Psychological Issues in Children and Report them to Police | The Free Thought Project -

Big Education Ape: A response to the Boston Police Union Attack on Black Lives Matter at School: “This is a movement for equity, inclusion, and the uplifting of Black students” – Black Lives Matter At School -

Big Education Ape: Protesters file excessive force claim against Oakland Unified | EdSource -

Big Education Ape: #CounselorsNotCops: Black Girl at Pennsylvania high school brutalized i
by a school police officer; Black Lives Matter At School rallies around the country

Big Education Ape: When California schools call cops for small infractions it disproportionately hurts minority students, civil rights study finds - LA Times -

Big Education Ape: Resisting Good/Bad Teacher/Police Frame and Confronting Systemic Flaws in Education, Law Enforcement | the becoming radical -

Big Education Ape: First Marylin Zuniga – Now Art and Humanities Classes – Cops Calling the Shots in Discourse at NJ Public Schools -

Big Education Ape: You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Kills You: Baltimore, Freddie Gray and the Problem of History | Yohuru Williams -