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Ainissa Ramirez – The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another
'On this episode of The Open Mind with Alexander Heffner , materials scientist Ainissa Ramirez discusses her new book The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another .' -- cunytv75
From Basketball to The Boardroom with Entrepreneur and ESPN personality, Jay Williams
'Former college basketball star Jay Williams survived an accident that ended his playing career and reinvented himself as a television sports analyst. That's the story you know. But he's been quietly building an empire across the media, technology, finance, and restaurant industries. Now the host of the sports business network The Boardroom sits down with Black Enterprise to talk about his own ve
LA Hood Life Tours: A Ride Through The Birthplace Of West Coast Hip-Hop
' LA Hood Life Tours take you to where Dr. Dre , Kendrick Lamar , Nipsey Hussle and West Coast Hip-Hop started. Founder Hodari Sababu got the idea for the tour when he was given an assignment in a class he was taking to come up with a business. "On a whim I'm like 'A Hood Tour!' " he recalls. "Nobody does a tour that goes to the hood and there's so much interest in the movies and music and all th
Book Trailer | Veil and Vow: Marriage Matters in Contemporary African American Culture by Aneeka Ayanna Henderson
'In VEIL AND VOW , Aneeka Ayanna Henderson places familiar, often politicized questions about the crisis of African American marriage in conversation with a rich cultural archive that includes fiction by Terry McMillan and Sister Souljah , music by Anita Baker , and films such as The Best Man . Seeking to move beyond simple assessments of marriage as "good" or "bad" for African Americans, Henders

MAY 28

Mikael Chukwuma Owunna: Transcending The Body
'Step out: Mikael Owunna tells a personal story of finding his voice through photography, as well as shares the importance of his work for others. An award-winning queer Nigerian-Swedish artist and photographer, the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship (Taiwan - 2012), and the creator of the projects: I am Atayal! , Limit(less) and Infinite Essence .' -- TEDx Talks
Anthony Hamilton – "Back Together" (feat. Rick James)
Official music video for Anthony Hamilton 's – "Back Together" (feat. Rick James ) with production from 9th Wonder and animation from Toon53 Productions.

MAY 27

Nduduzo Makhathini And Omagugu Makhathini: Alone Together Duets
'2020 looked mighty bright for Nduduzo Makhathini . In January, jazz fans and critics alike jammed themselves into the Zürcher Gallery at the NYC Winter Jazzfest to get a glimpse of the rising star pianist. The buzz was real for the first South African artist ever to be signed to Blue Note Records. By the time his debut album, Modes of Communication: Letters from the Underworlds, came out on Apri
Elie Mystal: Call It a Lynching
'On February 23, 2020, Ahmaud Arbery was jogging in his suburban neighborhood when two White men, a father and son, decided Arbery might be the culprit of a suspected robbery. They got in their truck, chased him, and ultimately shot him. News reports have referred to the incident as a “shooting,” a “murder,” and a “killing.” But lawyer and commentator Elie Mystal says it’s clear that it should be
The Art of the Obituary in the Age of COVID-19
'Since the pandemic began, the volume of obituaries and paid death notices in our newspapers have become a powerful reminder of the loss we’re all experiencing right now. I n the absence of traditional mourning rituals like funerals, the obituary pages are becoming a communal space for us to grieve together in this moment. For more on what obituaries mean during this pandemic, The Takeaway spoke
The Tape Heard Round the NBA
'Director Michael Jacobs discusses the Quibi docu-series Blackballed , which tells the story of Donald Sterling’s expulsion from the Los Angeles Clippers.'

MAY 26

On Coerced Labor, and Work Without Employment
'Sociologist Erin Hatton explores the nature of coerced labor in America - as prisons, welfare programs and universities push workers outside the protection of traditional legal employment, employers wield increasing power to exploit and punish subjects with little protection and less bargaining power. Hatton is author of Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment from University of California Pres
Stefon Harris: A Generation's Preeminent Voice Of The Vibraphone
'From Lionel Hampton to Milt Jackson , to Bobby Hutcherson and beyond, every Jazz generation has had its swinging heroes on the vibraphone. Since around the turn of the century, we've had a leading light in Stefon Harris . Harris may in fact be the preeminent voice of his instrument, but he says that's not that important. "The vibraphone, in my opinion, is just a bunch of metal and wood. Instrume
Edge of Sports: Dr. Céline Gounder on the Risks of Reopening Sports
'Dave Zirin, host of Edge of Sports talks to CNN medical expert and NYU professor Dr. Celine Gounder about Covid-19, the push to reopen sports, how that undertaking could work, and how the nation’s leadership is dealing with the pandemic.' Edge of Sports · Dr. Céline Gounder on the Risks of Reopening Sports

MAY 25

Jimmy Cobb: Live At The Village Vanguard (2013)
' Jimmy Cobb (1929-2020) was the drummer when Miles Davis recorded his late-1950s and early-1960s masterpieces, and then toured with Sarah Vaughan for nearly a decade. He's freelanced with just about every great of his generation. He's still touring around the world, these days often fronting the bands and recordings. Cobb brought an international trio to New York's Village Vanguard for a week in

MAY 24

Janelle Monáe Wants To Represent The Underdog — In Music And Onscreen
' Janelle Monáe stars as a veteran struggling with memory loss in season 2 of the Amazon series Homecoming . The role continues the themes of identity and representation she explored on her album Dirty Computer. "One of the things that really drew me in [to Homecoming ] is getting an opportunity to play this vet and have a deeper conversation about how we treat our vets who are ... dealing with P
Ilhan Omar On Her Memoir And Moving The Needle Toward Progressive Policies
'"I wasn't afraid of fighting," Ilhan Omar writes about her childhood in Somalia in her new memoir. "I felt like I was bigger and stronger than everyone else — even if I knew that wasn't really the case." In This Is What America Looks Like: My Journey from Refugee to Congresswoman , Omar chronicles her childhood in a middle-class family compound in Mogadishu, followed by civil war, four years in

MAY 22

Left of Black S10:E14 – Kinohi Nishikawa and Black Pulp Fiction of the 1970’s
The rise of Black pulp fiction was largely attributed to the success of Blaxpoitation films, like Dolemite, which offered a more raw depiction of African American daily life in the 1970’s. Princeton Professor of English Kinohi Nishikawa sat down with Left of Black host Mark Anthony Neal to discuss these trends and his newest publication, Street Players: Black Pulp Fiction and the Making of a Lite
Dezron Douglas And Brandee Younger: Alone Together Duets
'Before the lockdown, harpist Brandee Younger and double bassist Dezron Douglas were constantly on the road, usually spending time apart as they toured with artists such as Makaya McCraven and Enrico Rava . This quarantine has allowed these college sweethearts to shine radiantly to
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