Sunday, May 31, 2020

CATCH UP WITH CURMUDGUCATION + ICYMI: Hellacious Week Edition (5/31)

CURMUDGUCATION: ICYMI: Hellacious Week Edition (5/31)

Hellacious Week Edition 

Well, this has been a bunch of big ugly crap, on top of the One Damn Thing After Another sundae that is 2020. Let's read.

All About the Mask
Nancy Flanagan looks at the politics and symbolism of the ongoing mask wars.

Chalkbeat Discovers Teachers on Front Lines
Chalkbeat lets a brand new charter leader lay out some obvious obviousness about teachers and pandemic response. NYC Educator breaks it down and provides a good response.

Distance Learning? Even my students will tell you that's not the future
The LA Times, via Yahoo, offers bad news for those banking on distance learning.

Vouchers hurt poor kids
The 10th Period blog responds to a pro-reform editorial about the Ohio EdChoice lawsuit. Some good response here to the classic "but vouchers help the poor kids" argument.

Good News and Bad News from Harrisburg
Steven Singer reports on financial impacts on PA schools-- and bonuses for the private edubiz guys.

All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace
Audrey Watters speaks to the impulse to deal with the fall's crisis with more automation and surveillance.

Betsy DeVos Ignores Congress
Jan Resseger takes a big, deep look at DeVos's plan to use relief money to help fuel her own pet causes.

Giving private schools federal emergency funds slated for low-income students will shortchange at-risk kids
Derek Black is at the Conversation, laying out how the DeVos plan will cut funding true at-need students in US schools.

Lawsuit Over AP Botch No Publicity Stunt  
The indispensable Mercedes Schneider takes a look at the Fairtest lawsuit over the complete clusterf#@! that was the College Board's online AP test

Annie Tan: My First Year Disaster With TFA 
Schneider again, interviewing Annie Tan about her less-than-awesome experience with Teach for America.

I Just Don't Think Remote Learning Works
Susan Sciara, a special ed teacher, writes for Hechinger Report about the failure of the remote learning adventure.

Private Interests Are Wrongly Shaping Education Policy in Ohio 
An op-ed at looks at Ohio's messed-up history with privatization, bad policy, and business people in the driver's seat.

CURMUDGUCATION: ICYMI: Hellacious Week Edition (5/31)



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Teaching And The Social Contract (TL;DR)
I didn't write anything yesterday, which is an unusual day for me, but I've just been trying to take it all in. I have family in Seattle, friends in Pittsburgh. There's a lot of mess out there tonight. It's nothing new for our country, but it's never been laid out so starkly. The woman in Central Park deliberately weaponizing her status as a white woman to, at best, put a Black man in his place an
Betsy DeVos, the Catholic Church, and Public Tax Dollars
The Trump administration and the Catholic Church have seemed extra tight lately. And an awful lot of it has to do with public education. Cardinal Timothy Dolan (New York) took the lead in a fun conference call last month in which Trump , along with Betsy DeVos, swapped personal admiration and what is either some quid pro quo or just a shared love for the notion of shredding public education and re

Why shouldn't high stakes testing be abandoned next year?
Testing in the fall? Let's talk about that idea. Thomas Toch is one of those reformsters who has managed to bounce from job to reformy job . Currently, he's head honcho at FutureEd , an ed reform advocacy group that bills itself as a thinky tank, and there isn't an educational disruption that they haven't tried to make a case for. This spring they have been vocal in trying to protect the future of
Boutique Virtual Pre-School (I Am Not Making This Up)
Here's another entry in the swanky virtual pre-school field. It's Bumo Virtual School , and it is the brainchild of an influencer and an entrepreneur. They originally wanted to start a café where parents could hang out while their littles played and learned stuff. It was going to be "a chic little spot in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Century City." But then the coronavirus happened, so they shi
Separating Home And School For Teachers
Watching my wife deal with the challenges of doing crisis pandemic distance learning, I've been having flashbacks to my first job. I taught in Lorain High School (not the current LHS but the one that stood where there is now a vacant lot), and I rented an apartment right across the street from the school. When I found the place, I was delighted-- the ultimate in convenience. I wouldn't even have t
ICYMI: A Year Older Edition (5/24)
I had a birthday this week, but I feel pretty much the same. I might have taken a couple of half-days off, so let's see if the reading list looks any shorter. After online learning flopped... The continuing saga of failed online learning in Fairfax, VA, continues with a flood of Google-based student-on-student harassment. Students think College Board is running a reddit scam One fun side note to t
How Hard Are CDC Guidelines To Follow
So now everyone is freaked out about the CDC "guidelines" as reported on that blue meme that was going around. This, of course, was the point-- to sell the idea that public schools will be like prisons, so everyone should pull their kids out. Because in the spirit of never letting a crisis go to waste, there are folks from your neighbor with the tin hat all the way up to the US Secretary of Educat
Betsy DeVos Has, In Fact, Become Arne Duncan 2.0
When this originally ran at, there was still some qujestion about the premise. Since then I've updated it with new info from DeVos herself. For many conservatives, one of the greatest sins perpetrated by Obama’s