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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Time To Vote – Los Angeles Education Examiner

Time To Vote – Los Angeles Education Examiner
Time To Vote

SuperCaliforniaisticexpialiTuesday is here; it’s finally here.  Please don’t embarrass your country or family and fail to turn out. It seems hard to imagine turnout hasn’t been heavy already given the widespread availability of Vote Centers open now for weeks. It seems that everyone has received a postage-paid absentee ballot whether you asked for one or not. Click here to locate your new Vote Center regardless of past performance – don’t let it predict today’s. Come 8pm tonight and it’s all over.
Just how embarrassing has been our recent turnout for LAUSD board elections? Pretty appalling. Approximately one in ten registered voters has deigned to vote since 2013 when really big-time money first suffused the LAUSD board races. That is, almost all our fellow citizens have let a tiny proportion elect the few who control a budget the size of the City of LA’s, and the weekday environment of our next generation citizens.
This really is no way to run a democracy. An informed and engaged CONTINUE READING: Time To Vote – Los Angeles Education Examiner