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Education Research Report

Education Research Report

What Is the Price of College? Total, Net, and Out-of-Pocket Prices

in 2015–16 focuses on four price measures, including total price of attendance (tuition and living expenses), net price of attendance after all grants, out-of-pocket net price after all financial aid, and out-of-pocket net price after all aid excluding student loans. Estimates were compared across four institution types: public 2-year institutions, public 4-year institutions, for-profit institut

DEC 30 2019

A large negative fiscal impact of charter schools on both urban and nonurban school districts

Complete report A significant criticism of the charter school movement is that funding for charter schools diverts money away from traditional public schools. The magnitude of such adverse fiscal externalities depends in part on the nature of state and local funding policies. This paper examines the fiscal effects of charter schools on both urban and nonurban school districts in North Carolina. T
Does Broad-Based Merit Aid Improve College Completion? Yes and No

This study uses the natural experiment of a state lottery scholarship to measure the effect of generous financial aid on graduation rates at New Mexico's flagship public university. During the study period, the scholarship program paid full tuition for eight semesters for any state resident earning a 2.5 grade point average in their first semester at any public two-year or four-year college. The
Positive effects on student achievement driven by the length of the school day, not the length of the school year

Schools often have to decide between extending the length of the school year or the school day. This paper examines the effects of changes in the distribution of instructional time on eighth-grade student achievement through a methodological framework that disaggregates total yearly instructional time into separate inputs for days per year and hours per day. This study's dataset brings together n
The Effects of School Reform under NCLB Waivers: Evidence from Focus Schools in Kentucky

Under waivers to the No Child Left Behind Act, the federal government required states to identify schools where targeted subgroups of students have the lowest achievement and to implement reforms in these “Focus Schools.” This study examines the Focus School reforms in the state of Kentucky. The reforms in this state are uniquely interesting for several reasons. One is that the state developed un
Does an Accountability Program that Targets Achievement Gaps Affect Student Performance?

In 2011, the U.S. Department of Education granted states the opportunity to apply for waivers from the core requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. In exchange, many states implemented systems of differentiated accountability that included a focus on schools with the largest achievement gaps between subgroups of students. This study uses administrative data from Michigan in a series of regr
------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vocational and Career Tech Education in American High Schools: The Value of Depth Over Breadth

Education Finance and Policy, Vol. 15, No. 1: 11-44. Vocational education is a large part of the high school curriculum, yet we have little understanding of what drives vocational enrollment or whether these courses help or harm early careers. To address this deficiency, the authors develop a framework for curriculum choice, taking into account ability and preferences for academic and vocational
College Students’ Sense of Belonging: A National Perspective

In a nationally representative sample , first-year U.S. college students “somewhat agree,” on average, that they feel like they belong at their school. However, belonging varies by key institutional and student characteristics; of note, racial-ethnic minority and first-generation students report lower belonging than peers at 4-year schools, while the opposite is true at 2-year schools. Further, a
Improving Teaching Effectiveness in New York City Middle Schools

Ten years ago, the reform of teacher evaluation was touted as a mechanism to improve teacher effectiveness. In response, virtually every state redesigned its teacher evaluation system. Recently, a growing narrative suggests these reforms failed and should be abandoned. This response may be overly simplistic. This study explores the variability of New York City principals’ implementation of polici

DEC 26 2019

Digest of Education Statistics 2018 provides new and historical data on all aspects of education

Compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the Digest of Education Statistics is a comprehensive statistical reference for all levels of education in the United States. Topics include educational attainment, finances, federal funds for education, libraries, and international comparisons. The Digest also includes data on the number of schools, colleges, teachers, students, an

U.S. Student Performance in 2015 TIMSS Advanced Mathematics and Physics

A new statistical analysis report entitled “U.S. Performance on the 2015 TIMSS Advanced Mathematics and Physics Assessments: A Closer Look” provides in-depth analyses that (1) examine the demographics and school characteristics 

Education Research Report