Friday, October 18, 2019

In the News | radical eyes for equity

In the News | radical eyes for equity

In the News

Gatekeepers of college education
Paul Thomas, a professor of education at Furman University and educator for 36 years, said that although creators of standardized tests have been working against bias for decades, they are still biased.
“There’s quite a lot of body of research that standardized tests are far more strongly correlated with out-of-school factors than they are to in-school factors,” Thomas said. “Standardized tests are a stronger reflection of factors beyond a child’s control than they are of a child’s ability.”
Among Thomas’ critiques of using standardized tests like the SAT are flaws that other critics have pointed out — that some students are bad test-takers, that poorer students are less likely to have access to test preparation materials and tutors, that the outcome of a high-stakes test could be determined on whether the student slept well the night before.
“The SAT is one data point from one time period. GPA is dozens of data points over years,” Thomas said. “GPA is a single number that is a richer data point.”
But Thomas’ biggest critique of the SAT and ACT is their use as gatekeepers for college education.
“The SAT and ACT are gatekeepers that are not good data for student CONTINUE READING: In the News | radical eyes for equity

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