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Education Research Report

Education Research Report

U.S. teachers work second jobs
Complete Report Classes have ended for the summer at public schools across the United States, but a sizable share of teachers are still hard at work at second jobs outside the classroom. Among all public elementary and secondary school teachers in the U.S., 16% worked non-school summer jobs in the break before the 2015-16 school year. Notably, about the same share of teachers (18%) had second job

JUL 02

Vanished classmates: The effects of immigration enforcement on school enrollment
American Educational Research Association Main Findings: Partnerships between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and local police departments designed to enforce immigration laws reduced the number of Hispanic students in U.S. public schools in adopting counties by 10 percent after two years. Partnerships enacted during 2000 to 2011 displaced about 320,000 Hispanic students, with the impact
Supervised fun, exercise both provide psychosocial benefit to children with obesity
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University IMAGE: Dr. Catherine Davis and Celestine Williams view more Credit: Phil Jones, Senior Photographer, Augusta University AUGUSTA, Ga. (July 2, 2019) -A program with clear rules, routines and activities, attentive adults and a chance to interact with peers appears to work as well at improving the quality of life, mood and self-worth of a child who is
Study finds dramatic differences in tests assessing preschoolers' language skills
About 1 in 10 babies in the United States is born premature. These children are at an increased risk for adverse outcomes across a broad spectrum of neurodevelopmental domains, including language skills. They also are at an increased risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well as other behavioral problems. Preschool is a crucial time for language development. Children born pr
Raising Minimum Math Course Requirements for College Admission
This study explores the effects of a statewide policy change that increased the number of high school math courses required for admission to four-year public universities in North Carolina. Students took more math courses in high school following the state's announcement, with relatively larger increases for students in the middle and bottom quintiles of their eighth-grade math test scores. The r
Maternal Education and Exceptio's to Florida's Mandatory Grade Retention Policy
Educational accountability policies are a popular tool to close the achievement gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students. However, these policies may exacerbate inequality if families from advantaged backgrounds are better able to advocate for their children and thus circumvent policy. This study investigates this possibility in the context of the early grade retention policy in Florida
Principal Effectiveness and Principal Turnover
Research demonstrates the importance of principal effectiveness for school performance and the potentially negative effects of principal turnover. However, we have limited understanding of the factors that lead principals to leave their schools or about the relative effectiveness of those who stay and those who turn over. This study investigates the association between principal effectiveness and
Adult literacy in the United States
White and Hispanic adults make up the largest percentage of U.S. adults with low levels of English literacy, according to the most recent results of a survey on adult skills. The National Center for Education Statistics released a new Data Point report today July 2, 2019, entitled “ Adult Literacy in the United States .” This Data Point summarizes what data from the Program for the International

JUL 01

Relationships Between School Connectedness and Internalizing Symptoms During Early Adolescence
School connectedness is an important feature to consider within the school environment because it likely accounts for why some youth thrive and others struggle with internalizing problems. Furthermore, internalizing problems typically do not occur in isolation of each other, but rather anxiety and depressive symptoms frequently co-occur and increase subsequent risk for each other. As such, the pr
Debt cancellation for borrowers who were in default on their student loans resulted in more rapid repayment of other outstanding debts and a subsequent increase in average income
In the first quarter of 2018, outstanding student debt in the United States reached $1.5 trillion. Student debt is now the second-largest type of consumer debt, ahead of auto loans, credit card debt, and home-equity lines of credit. In recent years, economists and policymakers have asked whether this debt may have consequences for individual students' prospects and for overall economic growth. In
Dollars Rule Everything Around Me: College-Bound Students’ Views on Paying for College,
The level of student loan debt has doubled in less than a decade and more than one in ten borrowers are struggling to make their student loan payments. With such stakes, it is important to know how prospective college students are planning to finance their college education. In April 2018, roughly 1,200 high school juniors and seniors who registered to take the ACT test responded to a short surve
Teachers’ Grading Bias and Effects on Longer-Term Outcomes
Recent research has focused on what shapes gender differences in academic achievement and students’ choice of university field of study. This paper examines how teachers’ gender role attitudes and stereotypes influence the gender gap by affecting the school environment, exploring the extent to which teachers’ gender bias in high school influences students’ school attendance and academic performan
Correction by Degrees: Postsecondary Programs in Prisons
In an era of national record-low 3.8% unemployment, the unemployment rate among formerly incarcerated people stands at a significant 27%. Complicating this further, by 2020 two-thirds of job postings will require some level of postsecondary education—certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees or more—while formerly incarcerated adults are nearly twice as likely as the general population to
Observer-Identification: A Potential Threat to the Validity of Self-Identified Race and Ethnicity
The federal government mandates that school personnel select race and ethnicity identifiers for students who do not provide that information. This process is called “observer identification,” and it poses a potential threat to the validity of self-identified race/ethnicity data because (a) evidence from other fields suggests that about 40% of the time, observer identification does not match self-
Black Women Principals: Implications for Black Students
This review covers research on Black women principals for the period 1993 to 2017, using 57 research reports obtained from dissertations, journal articles, and a book chapter. This exploration is of particular significance given the continuous disenfranchisement and subsequent underachievement of Black children in U.S. schools and the importance of black women principals in addressing this quagmi

JUN 29

Pell Grant Versus Income Data in Postsecondary Research
Given growing disparities in college enrollment by household income, policymakers and researchers often are interested in understanding whether policies expand access for low-income students. This brief highlights the limitations of a commonly available measure of low-income status—whether students receive a federal Pell grant—and compares it to new data on enrollment by income quintile to evalua
The Relationship Between Student Discipline and Student Academic Outcomes
While numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between exclusionary discipline and negative student outcomes, this relationship is likely confounded by other factors related to the underlying misbehavior or risk of disciplinary referral. Using 10 years of student-level demographic, achievement, and disciplinary data from all K–12 public schools in Arkansas, this study finds that exclusion

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