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Randi Weingarten: Teaching demands respect from Keleher | Meter

Teaching demands respect from Keleher | Meter

Teaching demands respect from Keleher
The Association of Teachers held a demonstration to clarify, among other things, the uncertainty lived by about 2,000 teachers who have not been relocated

Teaching demands respect from Keleher

Teachers and teachers of the Puerto Rico Teachers Association (AMPR) gathered today in front of the facilities of the Department of Education to demand, among other things, to clarify the process of teacher relocation after the closure of school campuses
According to the teacher leader, the relocation process that the Department of Education intends to carry out is not being done in accordance with the law.
"[Teachers] have the right to be on a shifts list according to their qualifications, so respect that process so that teacher who is 28 years old, have the assurance that they are not naming one who was after him", the union president, Aida Díaz, told Metro .
According to Díaz, about 2,000 teachers do not know which schools will be relocated to next semester. The school semester begins on August 13.
The teacher leader called on the Secretary of Education, Julia Keleher, to meet with the leadership of the organization. However, he warned that the official must demonstrate "good faith with the teaching [and] must be willing to listen to our recommendations."
The demonstration - in which a picket was held in front of the offices of the instrumentality - counted on expressions of the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Randi Weingarten, who also denounced the lack of negotiation between the teaching profession and the Education deparment.
"Earlier, I said that Puerto Rico experienced two hurricanes: Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Julia, one was a natural disaster and the other could be changed ... When you close 500 schools and hurt communities, we teachers and parents have the right to ask questions." , he sentenced.

The American leader also repudiated the uncertainty of thousands of teachers and students who do not know which schools will be relocated.
Just this morning, the AMPR held an extraordinary assembly at the Sheraton Hotel to ratify its affiliation with the AFT. In addition, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi offered a welcome message in which she endorsed the guild's efforts.
During the assembly, Díaz denied that the AMPR resorted to a strike. He assured that he will continue to exert pressure against the measures promoted by the Department of Education, but that if all the remedies have been exhausted, the teachers should decide whether to resort to the strike and to jeopardize the union's certification.
Also, the teacher leader said that the teacher relocation procedure is not being done according to the law because it is naming employees with less experience to the places available. According to Díaz, the process is supposed to first serve the relocated teachers with greater seniority.