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Betsy DeVos: In Her Own Words | Diane Ravitch's blog

Betsy DeVos: In Her Own Words | Diane Ravitch's blog:

Betsy DeVos: In Her Own Words

What does Betsy DeVos say about education? What does she care about? What matters most? Charters and vouchers. The charter chain that she praises in this video operates for profit. As the editorial page editor of the Detroit Free Press recently wrote, she is a lobbyist for privatized alternatives to public schools. She doesn’t care for public schools. She doesn’t like them.

TRANSCRIPT Betsy DeVos Interview w Edward J. Pozzuolli

Betsy DeVos of the American Federation for Children

Published on Aug 6, 2015

Ed Pozzuoli, President of Fort Lauderdale based law firm Tripp Scott, sits down with Betsy DeVos, Chairman of the American Federation for Children, to discuss the school choice movement.

INTRO (by Ed Pozzuolli INTERVIEWER):

Good evening and welcome this is Ed Pozzuolli president of Tripp Scott and with me today, I’m so honored, Betsy DeVos. Betsy, welcome.

Betsy DeVos:

Thank you Ed.


Betsy is the chairman of the American Federation of Children, and is a true Pioneer, and when I say Pioneer, I mean it in the in the real sense of the ‘School Choice Movement’ across the country.
First QUESTION by Ed Pozzuolli):

I know you’ve given time, and energy, and money, and strategic advice, and all those great things, and so given that you’re ‘The Pioneer’, where does the ‘School Choice Movement’ stand in the United States?

Betsy DeVos

Well, first of all Ed, thanks for having me here today, and it’s really an honor to be here.
So ‘Education (School) Choice’ has made some tremendous strides in the last 3 or 4 years. Now there are 24 States, currently, that have some form of a private school choice program, “Education Choice Program’. And we… We (American Federation for Children & allied organizations) advocate for, and do the politics around, um… all forms of choice. So we believe that parents, and we target programs that are specifically geared to answer the needs of low-income parents and students, we believe that they should have the full range of choices.

So what are they? Give our audience a…


Betsy DeVos:

Well, starting with private schools, which is probably the most difficult form to get too, politically in people’s minds, Charter Schools, On-line Schools, Virtual Schools, Blended Learning, um… any, any combination thereof, and frankly any, you know, any combination, or any kind of Betsy DeVos: In Her Own Words | Diane Ravitch's blog: