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SACRAMENTO PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE: Hurricane Matthew Help for Haiti:

 Hurricane Matthew Help for Haiti

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Dear Friends,

Hurricane Matthew has caused the worst humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake.

We are very concerned for all those at risk in Haiti, especially folks who live at sea level in

Cite Soleil, where the Lamp clinic, and SAKALA are located.

Not only are families in these low lying areas at great risk, they are least likely to

have access to food and clean water, and least able to evacuate.

Now, a resurgence of cholera seems likely.

We so appreciate those who were able to come out to any of our "Haiti Solidarity Week"

events, we feel compelled to ask for your support again.

Thankfully, and because of you, we just sent Maco, our orphanage director back to Haiti with a power

inverter and a generator for MABE orphanage.

However, if the Lamp Clinic and SAKALA survive, they will also need our help more

than ever as they serve the poorest of the poor and those hardest hit.

If you possibly can send, even a little, to "Children's Hope" - it could mean so much.

I just can't stand to think of any child there tonight, hunkered down in the cold and pouring rain,fearful in the dark, with the storm stalled and swirling around them.

Won't you please help, even just a dollar? Peace,

All ways and always, Leisa

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GOFUNDME: Children's Hope GoFundMe

or checks can be made out to:

Children's Hope3025A Cambridge RoadCameron Park, CA 95682

Below, is some of the news from the
handicapped orphanage "Children's Hope"
supports and Renee who manages

Photo of flooded streets in Port-au-Prince
Renee was able to send out a very short message around 1:50pm today. We have not heard from her or any of our other loved ones in Haiti since, most likely due to lack of power and internet. 

Cell phone service only working in about 20 second bursts very infrequently. Wind and rain is still bad in Jacmel. The wind was really wicked for a few hours mid morning to about 1PM. We are still holding out own at Wings, but wish this was over. It seems like it will be a long day followed by another long night.

The New York Times reports that one of the bridges on the road to Jacmel collapsed, cutting off transportation. Reports also indicate that Les Cayes, Guichard's home town, was hit particularly hard. 

Plantains, were unable to be harvested in time before the storm, which will undoubtedly contribute to a food shortage. Additionally, the storm destroyed avocado and banana trees, another major source of food and nutrition. 
Prof. Leisa Faulkner, Folsom Lake College
Executive Director, Children's Hope
3025 Cambridge Road #A
Cameron Park, CA 95682 USA
 SACRAMENTO PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE: Hurricane Matthew Help for Haiti:

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