Saturday, March 5, 2016

Schools Matter: "Ephemeral Teacher Swarms" aka Part-Time Temps

Schools Matter: "Ephemeral Teacher Swarms" aka Part-Time Temps:

"Ephemeral Teacher Swarms" aka Part-Time Temps

If you think that TFA is the only corporate game in town intended to de-professionalize teaching and crush public education, think again.  The privateers have more schemes ready to launch as the TFA bubble loses gas, and here is just one of them from the CBE-based KnowledgeWorks, which is another Gates hothouse item that he hopes will grow to choke out public space.  

I suppose it is only appropriate that, as the planet dies from greed, poison, and neglect, some of our Ivy League under-employed and thoroughly positivized millennials should spend their days and earn their bread by coming up with privatizing schemes for Bill Gates that are redolent the rhetoric of eco-consciousness.  

This document and the clip below is aflutter with "stewardship" and "learning ecosystem" talk.  By far, my favorite new fragmented teacher role is "data steward." 

Seven Possible Educator Roles 

To help education stakeholders imagine what kinds of educator roles might contribute to flexible and rigorous learning ecosystems that enable both learners and the adults supporting them to thrive, this paper explores seven possible educator roles. 

  1. (1)  Learning Pathway Designer – Works with students, parents, and learning journey mentorsto set learning goals, track students’ progress and pacing, and model potential sequences of activities that support learning experiences aligned with competencies. 
  2. (2)  Competency Tracker – Tags and maps community-based learning opportunities by the competencies they address in order to support the development of recon gurable personalized Schools Matter: "Ephemeral Teacher Swarms" aka Part-Time Temps: