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Will Charter face Class Action Lawsuit? | Cloaking Inequity

Will Charter face Class Action Lawsuit? | Cloaking Inequity:

Will Charter face Class Action Lawsuit?

Will a prominent corporate charter school chain face a class action lawsuit for their alleged refusal to serve special education students?
I first blogged about BASIS in the post What BASIS?: Nepotism and aggrandizement in charters? At the time, I included Charter School Scandals uncovered special report about BASIS.
The first BASIS charter school was founded in Tucson in 1998 by Michael Block and Olga Block. BASIS is a rapidly grown charter school. Since my first BASIS blog post, they have doubled in size. In 2015, BASIS opened its 18th Arizona school in Goodyear, AZ.
Their Arizona campuses are located in:
BASIS Ahwatukee | Grades 4-122013
BASIS Goodyear | Grades K-82015
BASIS Chandler | Grades 5-122011
BASIS Chandler Primary North Campus | Grades K-42016
BASIS Chandler Primary South Campus | Grades K-42015
BASIS Flagstaff | Grades 4-122011
BASIS Mesa | Grades 4-122013
BASIS Oro Valley | Grades K-122010
BASIS Peoria | Grades 5-122011
BASIS Phoenix | Grades 5-122012
BASIS Phoenix Central | Grades K-82014
BASIS Prescott | Grades K-122014
BASIS Scottsdale | Grades 4-122003
BASIS Scottsdale Primary | Grades K-32015
BASIS Tucson Primary | Grades K-41998
BASIS Tucson North | Grades 5-122012
Their Texas campuses are located:
BASIS San Antonio Medical Center | Grades 5-112013
BASIS San Antonio North Central | Grades 5-102014
Their DC campus:
Washington, DC SchoolsYear Started
BASIS Washington DC | Grades 5-112012
I wouldn’t doubt that they would like to locate near you. Currently they are scheduled to open in Louisiana, Illinois and Colorado.
I probably receive 5-7 comment about BASIS in my email box each week (Check out the 51 comments at the bottom of this post). Many are from parents and students who basically say “stupid” students don’t belong at BASIS. The purposeful attrition of students is one of the major issues with this particular corporate charter chain, but there are many other critiques. From Wikipedia:
Both BASIS schools and their parent organization have been the subject of criticism and controversy. Critics contend that BASIS is failing to provide adequate financial transparency and accountability as it uses for-profit management company.[12] Another investigative article in 2010 questioned the founders’ salary compared to the teachers and other public school administrators.[13]
Other critics take issue with BASIS’s accelerated curriculum and general educational philosophy. Some argue that BASIS focuses too much on standardized testing.[14]Critics also point out that BASIS’s performance in national ranking systems like the U.S. News & World Report Will Charter face Class Action Lawsuit? | Cloaking Inequity: