Thursday, October 1, 2015

Louisiana Educator: Public Records Request for PARCC data

Louisiana Educator: Public Records Request for PARCC data:

Public Records Request for PARCC data

Today a group of legislators, BESE members, school board members, educators, and citizens filed a formal public records request for the purpose of securing the release of vital data from the Common Core tests that were given to Louisiana students almost six months ago.
            These public officials and citizens believe that the results of the Spring 2015 PARCC testing are in the possession of the Louisiana Department of Education and therefore constitute public records under Louisiana law.
            The law provides that any Louisiana citizen over the age of 18 may request any public record and that the custodian of public records must provide such public records immediately, but at least within a period of five business days.
            These citizens believe that this formal public records request is necessary because numerous similar informal requests by various citizens have either been denied or ignored by the State Superintendent.
            Representative Brett Geymann, the lead author of Common Core related legislation this last session expressed frustration that the data from the tests has not been provided to the educator and parent committee that was formed to revamp the standards. He said, “This last legislative session we attempted to remove the Common Core Standards from our curriculum because it was not appropriate for our school children. However in the course of the legislative process we worked out a compromise agreement that required a thorough review of the present Common Core Standards for the purpose of developing Louisiana Educator: Public Records Request for PARCC data: