Friday, July 4, 2014

The Same Principal, The Same Middle School, A Different Teacher southbronxschool.

The Same Principal, The Same Middle School, A Different Teacher

The hits just coming in about this principal at that middle school in Brooklyn.

This is now the third "manifesto" The Crack Team has received from staff members. This principal reminds me of Bobby Pellit, Jason Sudekis' boss in "Horrible Bosses." This stuff just can't be made up.

Next up, a current teacher at that middle school, Irma Rabinowitz (Highlights in red added by The Crack Team).

To whom it may concern:

This is to express my objection to the oppressive and punitive measures applied throughout the 2013-2014 school year at my school.

I have been teaching English and or Social Studies for at least sixteen years at my school. I have

gone throughout these years and enjoyed a distinguished career. However, this year I suffered

under an administrative staff that offered no materials, and no support regarding the children 

who disrupted the educational environment in my class every day.

I started the year teaching English and Social Studies to two (2) sixth grade classes. By the end

of the first marking period my second sixth grade class was taken away from me, and I was

assigned a seventh grade class. I received notification of this fact incidentally at a Departmental

Meeting. I was shocked, and no one in the administrative staff spoke with me about this major

change. I then spoke to the Principal and expressed my concerns that this was outside my