Sunday, July 20, 2014

7-20-14 Schools Matter All Week

Schools Matter:

In Response to Bill Wraga's Review of The Mismeasure of Education

Federal Court Rules Against Huntsville's Segregated Caste System of Schools
From Alternet, a clip:. . . . "The record in this case is not as clear as the Board suggests, and the fact that the district integrated the student bodies of many of its schools in the early 1970s does not automatically lead to the conclusion that the district does not currently operate a dual system," she wrote. She pointed out that not only were many schools still segregated, but the o

NEA, SEIU, and Eli Broad
At the recent AFT and NEA coronations, there was news about new linkages with SEIU, whose former president, Andy Stern, had close ties with Broad, Gates, and Obama (Stern had a choice seat in the Obama box at the Inauguration Parade). Below is part of a post I did in 2007, a day or so after a big fund-raiser in Los Angles for charter chain, Green Dot Public [sic] Schools, Inc.  To the left of Broa
7-19-14 Schools Matter All Week
Schools Matter:  Schools Matter All WeekBeware of Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) Right Wing Indoctrination SystemIf the Education Writers Association ever gives an award for REAL education reporting, this piece at Huffington Post by Christie Wilkie and Joy Resmovits has to be the winner!Wilkie and Resmovits do a terrific job exposing the Bircher-inspired and Koch funded Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) indoctri