Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lesser of Two Evils for Education: FL Lunacy | Reclaim Reform

Lesser of Two Evils for Education: FL Lunacy | Reclaim Reform:

Lesser of Two Evils for Education: FL Lunacy

Choose the lesser of two evils for education?
In Florida, both candidates for governor are definitely evils who are known for being part of the corporate dismantling public education. As a matter of fact, the Republican incumbent, Rick Scott, was not part of the Republican Party’s politically aligned candidates before his election in 2010. The Democratic Party’s candidate is the ex-Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist.
Scott is relying on blatant lies. Crist is relying on public amnesia.
Why are these two men the choices Floridians are being given? They are connected to the same corporate interests but are two different brands that owe payback to different specific individuals who are all investors in the Education Industrial Complex. Different brands of high stakes testing, charters, vouchers, textbooks, teacher evaluation rating methods, corporate curricular control and more are what each supports.
What Scott and Crist say and what each chooses as a photo-op mean nothing.
What each has done is all that counts.
What are the records for what Scott and Crist have actually done to weaken and dismantle public education while harming teachers?
Charlie Crist and teachersCRIST:
“Crist has accused Scott of shortchanging teachers, passing a historically large, $77 billion budget this year that included less money for Bright Futures scholarships and per-pupil spending compared with the heyday levels of Crist’s first year as Lesser of Two Evils for Education: FL Lunacy | Reclaim Reform:

The Sanctity of Contracts in a Capitalist Society: but not for teachers
The recently signed 75 year contract for a parking meter “concession agreement” that drains revenues in Chicago is SACRED. $6.50 per hour to park on the street – and rising. That’s what the contractor has raised it to within the last few years. “The judges stressed that when the City Council approved the deal in 2008, the ordinance declared that it was ‘in the best interests of the residents of th