Saturday, June 14, 2014

Geaux Teacher!: Go Fix Your Own Broken House LABI!

Geaux Teacher!: Go Fix Your Own Broken House LABI!:

Go Fix Your Own Broken House LABI!

My response to the desperate pleas of  the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and their partners in crime who have been given a taste of what true Democracy is about dished up by growing numbers in a grassroots movement of individual of parents and real educators opposed to the Common Core Initiative and all that it REALLY means for our children!

There is one huge flaw in LABI's contention that most people of the state support Common Core. That is the fact that obviously there are many, many educators and parents who OPPOSE CCSS (and for many more important reasons than it represents high standards which is bogus) or Jindal would not be responding as he is in pushing back. And that is a powerful testimony because these parents and educators represent individuals with no powerful, highly funded (taxpayer and private) organizations like LABI and Stand For Children who pay lobbyists and newspapers with full page adverts.

The opposition is also coming from almost every state as evidenced by the fact that some states refused it in the first place and several have pulled out and several have decided not to use PARCC or SBAC. There is, in fact, an " uprising" against all that is Common Core and the full agenda around national standardization taking place that has gotten the attention of the media and the public.

Unions can be demonized, but the leaders of both national unions have sold out to CCSS for political reasons and their memberships are rebelling within the structure of those organizations. So the union card can not be played. Tea Party and other conservative objectors to what some characterize as a "federal takeover" have been excoriated as fanatics who don't know what they are talking about, but guess what, they have done their homework and risen up out of the complacency and malaise
Geaux Teacher!: Go Fix Your Own Broken House LABI!: