Sunday, June 15, 2014

6-15-14 Ed Notes Online Week

Ed Notes Online:

MORE, Change the Stakes Sponsor Jose Vilson Book Conversation in Inwood
This Is Not a Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education with Jose VilsonWed. June 18 * 5-7pm * Inwood Local Beer Garden * 4957 BroadwayRSVP on Facebook.Join a discussion with Jose Vilson on the joys and burdens of today’s education system, celebrating the release of his first book, This Is Not a Test, out now from Haymarket Books. A book signing will follow the discussion.Jose Vilson is
Jesse Rothstein on Vergara Decision - Taking On Teacher Tenure Backfires
Go ahead, get rid of tenure -- make my day. Oh, this move will backfire big over time because there will be no one left to blame. Note how the poor performing south with no tenure is ignored. And just wait until the job market gets better. Let them go hunting for people who can fog a mirror. Yes, Virginia, even good teachers take the job for its security. Take that away and happy hunting.It is imp
Stephanie Simon in Politico: The fall of teachers unions
Oy vey! Funny Simon mentions Bad Ass, a social media group. Count the number of bad ass people who show up at rallies and struggles around the NYC area and you won't even have to take your shoes off.Simon does not mention the on the ground grassroots organizing caucuses like CORE and MORE - and not to mention real reformers taking control of unions by overturning the old guard like Chicago, LA, Mi

6-14-14 Ed Notes Online Week
Ed Notes Online: Ed Notes OnlineUFT Contract Toxic PD Spillover: Parents Unhappy - at DOE and UFTThe calls have been coming in from parents and their reps who are beginning to realize how the new contract will change their lives as the school day gets readjusted in many schools. "WTF," is the basic message.Can Mulgrew clean up the toxic spillover?They tell me there is growing outrage as