Sunday, May 18, 2014

Engaging Parents In School… | Going Beyond Parent "Involvement"

Engaging Parents In School… | Going Beyond Parent "Involvement":

“Does Family Engagement Matter?”
Does Family Engagement Matter? is a response to the now infamous “Broken Compass” book questioning the usefulness of parent involvement. It’s written by three of the top experts in the field – Karen L. Mapp, Anne T. Henderson, and Nancy E. Hill. I’m adding it to The Best Commentaries On The “Broken Compass” Parent Involvement Book.
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MAY 15

“Scoreboards and butterfly gardens: Is parent fundraising equitable in Montgomery?”
Scoreboards and butterfly gardens: Is parent fundraising equitable in Montgomery? is an article that appeared in The Washington Post. Here’s an excerpt: Parent fundraising and private donations have produced enviable results at some Montgomery County schools: athletic scoreboards, artificial turf, a nearly $250,000 elementary school improvement project. Other schools have seen little of such large

MAY 13

Zuckerberg’s $100 Million Donation To Newark Schools — Parents & Children Lose
I’ve published a number of posts about the $100 million donation Mark Zuckerberg made to Newark’s schools, particularly its sham parent engagement program (see The Best Posts & Articles For Learning About Newark’s $100 Million From Facebook). There’s a big new article in The New Yorker about it but, if you don’t have time to read it, Salon has a very useful summary. Definitely check it out…

MAY 11

“District of Columbia Expands Family-Engagement Program”
District of Columbia Expands Family-Engagement Program is the title of an Education Week post. Here’s an excerpt: Twenty-one schools will participate in the parent partnership program during the 2014-15 school year. Each participating school receives a grant for up to $25,000, Melissa Salmanowitz, spokeswoman for the District’s school system, wrote in an email. According to the release, the Family

MAY 10

Guest Post: Report From The National Family Engagement Conference
I’ve previously published short reports on last month’s National Family Engagement Conference. Today, Carrie Rose, Executive Director of the Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project, has written this guest post about it: Parent-Teacher Home Visits Fit DOE’s Vision Researcher Karen L. Mapp’s lifts up PTHVP in Family Engagement Framework CINCINNATI- Back in the day, did your grandma help with costumes for